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2013Laser … μια ακτίνα φωτός για την Έρευνα, την Τεχνολογία και τον Άνθρωπο, Ειδικές Μορφωτικές Εκδηλώσεις, 1η ΕκδήλωσηΚομπίτσας, Μιχάλης; Μπακάλης, Ναούμ
2013(α) Αρχή λειτουργίας και σύντομη ιστορική ανασκόπηση. (β) Τι ξεχωρίζει το laser από τις συνήθεις πηγές φωτός;Μπακάλης, Ναούμ
2010Theoretical Study of the O-2 Interaction with a Tetrahedral Al-4 ClusterBacalis, N. C.; Metropoulos, A.; Gross, A.
2010Theoretical investigation of the interaction of CH4 with Al-2 and Al-3 neutral and charged clustersAlexandrou, E. I.; Gross, A.; Bacalis, N. C.
2010Shape of the geometrically active atomic states of carbonXiong Zhuang; Bacalis, N. C.
2009Properties of hydrogen terminated silicon nanocrystals via a transferable tight-binding Hamiltonian, based on ab-initio resultsBacalis, N. C.; Zdetsis, A. D.
2009A generic procedure for determining atomic LS spectral terms and their LS eigenfunctionsZhuang, Xiong; Bacalis, N. C.
2009Remarks on the Hylleraas-Undheim and MacDonald Higher Roots, And Functionals Having Local Minimum at The Excited StatesBacalis, N. C.; Xiong, Z.; Karaoulanis, D.
2009Theoretical Investigation of the Interaction of CH(4) with Al(n) Neutral and Charged ClustersAlexandrou, E. I.; Bacalis, N. C.
2008Interaction of dioxygen with Al clusters and Al(111): A comparative theoretical studyMosch, C.; Koukounas, C.; Bacalis, N.; Metropoulos, A.; Gross, A.; Mavridis, A.
2008Variational functionals for excited statesBacalis, Naoum C.
2007Improving Φ0 via ψ1 (independently known): exactly orthogonal wave functionsBacalis, N.C.
2007Radiative decay from doubly to singly excited states of He via generalization of Laguerre-type orbitals: A non-orthogonal formalismXiong, Z.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
2006Analytic variationally optimized internally orthogonalized modified Laguerre orbitals in accurate atomic configuration interaction calculationXiong, Z.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
2005Analytic atomic wave functions of NMCSCF quality: ApplicationsXiong, Z.; Velgakis, M. I.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
2005Generalization of Laguerre orbitals toward an accurate, concise and practical analytic atomic wave functionXiong, Z.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
2005Description of the lowest-energy surface of the CH+O system: Interpolation of ab initio configuration-interaction total energies by a tight-binding HamiltonianBacalis, Naoum C.; Metropoulos, Aristophanes; Papaconstantopoulos, D. A.
2004Description of the chemical reaction path in the HCO molecule: a combined configuration interaction and tight-binding approachBacalis, Naoum C.; Metropoulos, Aristophanes; Papaconstantopoulos, D.A.
2003Accurate and concise atomic CI via generalization of analytic Laguerre type orbitals and examples of ab-initio error estimation for excited statesXiong, Z.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
2001Transferable tight-binding parameters for ferromagnetic and paramagnetic ironBacalis, Naoum C.; Papaconstantopoulos, D. A.; Mehl, M. J.; Lach-Hab, M.
Showing results 1 to 20 of 45


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