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1999The effect of proteolytic enzymes on hair follicles of transgenic mice expressing the lac Z-protein in cells of the bulge regionProtopapa, E. E.; Gaissert, H.; Xenakis, Aristotelis; Avramiotis, S.; Stavrianeas, N.; Sekeris, Constantine E.; Schenkel, J.; Alonso, A.
1988Rna-Binding Properties of Hnrnp ProteinsSchenkel, J.; Sekeris, Constantine E.; Alonso, A.; Bautz, E. K. F.
1982Isolation and Characterization of Hnrna-Snrna-Protein Complexes from Morris Hepatoma-CellsPrusse, A.; Louis, C.; Alonso, A.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1980The Synthesis of a Cdna Copy Complementary to 2 Snrnas and the Localization of Their Genes in the Rat GenomeAlonso, A.; Krieg, L.; Winter, H.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1980Hnrna - Snrna - Protein Complexes - Possible Structure and FunctionSekeris, Constantine E.; Prusse, A.; Alonso, A.; Louis, C.
1980Localization of 2 Snrna Genes in the Rat Genome and Cross-Hybridization of These Genes with Other SpeciesAlonso, A.; Winter, H.; Krieg, L.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1979Nuclear Rnp Particles Carrying Hnrna - Formation of Hybrids between Snrna and Hnrna and the Organization of the Coding Sequences within the Particle StructureAlonso, A.; Flytzanis, C.; Krieg, L.; Louis, C.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1979Purification and Reverse Transcription of the Messenger-Rna Coding for the Insect Protein, Calliphorin, Isolated from Larvae of the Blowfly, Calliphora-Vicina R-DAlonso, A.; Flytzanis, C. N.; Schatzle, U.; Scheller, K.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1978Association of Small Nuclear-Rna with Hnrna Isolated from Nuclear Rnp Complexes Carrying HnrnaFlytzanis, C.; Alonso, A.; Louis, C.; Krieg, L.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9


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