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2007Recognition of ribonuclease a by 3 '-5 '-pyrophosphate-linked dinucleotide inhibitors: A molecular dynamics/continuum electrostatics analysisPolydoridis, S.; Leonidas, Demetres D.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Archontis, G.
2005Glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors: A free energy perturbation analysis of glucopyranose spirohydantoin analoguesArchontis, G.; Watson, K. A.; Xie, Q.; Andreou, G.; Chrysina, Evangelia D.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Karplus, M.
2005Kinetic and crystallographic studies of glucopyranose spirohydantoin and glucopyranosylamine analogs inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylaseWatson, K. A.; Chrysina, Evangelia D.; Tsitsanou, K. E.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Archontis, G.; Fleet, G. W. J.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.
2002The 1.76 angstrom resolution crystal structure of glycogen phosphorylase B complexed with glucose, and CP320626, a potential antidiabetic drugOikonomakos, Nikos G.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Skamnaki, V. T.; Archontis, G.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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