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1987Response of Transplantable Tumors in Mice and of Macromolecular-Synthesis to 17-Beta-Acetamido-3-Aza-a-Homo-4-Alpha-Androsten-4-OneAthanasiou, C.; Catsoulacos, P.; Papageorgiou, A.; Athanasiou, K.
1986Synthesis of a New nor-Aza-Steroidal Ester of Para-N,N-Bis-(2-Chloroethyl)Aminophenylbutyric Acid and Invitro Study of Its Mutagenicity and ClastogenicityAthanasiou, C.; Pairas, G.; Catsoulacos, P.; Athanasiou, K.
1983Chromosome-Damage and Sce Induced by the Cytostatic Factor Homo-Aza-Steroidal Ester of P-Bis (2-Chloro-Ethyl) Amino Phenyl Acetic-Acid in Cho Cells in CultureAthanasiou, K.; Demopoulos, N. A.; Catsoulacos, P.
Showing results 1 to 3 of 3


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