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2012The 19S proteasome subunit Rpn7 stabilizes DNA damage foci upon genotoxic insultTsolou, Avgi; Nelson, Glyn; Trachana, Varvara; Chondrogianni, Niki; Saretzki, Gabriele; von Zglinicki, Thomas; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2011Chemical analysis of Greek pollen - Antioxidant, antimicrobial and proteasome activation propertiesGraikou, Konstantia; Kapeta, Suzanne; Aligiannis, Nektarios; Sotiroudis, George; Chondrogianni, Niki; Gonos, Efstathios; Chinou, Ioanna
2011Involvement of fibroblasts in adipose tissue developmentZampeli, V.; Shakibaei, M.; Makrantonaki, E.; Tzellos, T.; Fimmel, S.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E.; Zouboulis, C. C.
2010Anti-ageing and rejuvenating effects of quercetinChondrogianni, Niki; Kapeta, Suzanne; Chinou, Ioanna; Vassilatou, Katerina; Papassideri, Issidora; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2010Proteasomal activation by Nrf2 extends lifespan in human fibroblastsKapeta, S.; Chondrogianni, N.; Sisoula, C.; Gonos, E. S.
2010Nuclear Erythroid Factor 2-mediated Proteasome Activation Delays Senescence in Human FibroblastsKapeta, Suzanne; Chondrogianni, Niki; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2010Genome-wide transcriptome profile of the human osteosarcoma Sa OS and U-2 OS cell linesTrougakos, Ioannis P.; Chondrogianni, Niki; Amarantos, Ioannis; Blake, Jonathon; Schwager, Christian; Wirkner, Ute; Ansorge, Wilhelm; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2010Proteasome Function Determines Cellular Homeostasis and the Rate of AgingChondrogianni, Niki; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2009The Proteasome Is an Integral Part of Solar Ultraviolet A Radiation-induced Gene ExpressionCatalgol, Betul; Ziaja, Isabella; Breusing, Nicolle; Jung, Tobias; Hoehn, Annika; Alpertunga, Buket; Schroeder, Peter; Chondrogianni, Niki; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Petropoulos, Isabelle; Friguet, Bertrand; Klotz, Lars-Oliver; Krutmann, Jean; Grune, Tilman
2009Transcriptional and post-translational regulation of clusterin/apolipoprotein J by the two main cellular proteolytic pathwaysBalantinou, E.; Trougakos, I. P.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.
2009Identification of natural compounds that promote proteasome activation and confer lifespan extensionChondrogianni, N.; Chinou, I; Vassilatou, K.; Gonos, E. S.
2009Transcriptional and posttranslational regulation of clusterin by the two main cellular proteolytic pathwaysBalantinou, Eirini; Trougakos, Ioannis P.; Chondrogianni, Niki; Margaritis, Lukas H.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2009The proteasome is an integral part of the signaling cascade leading to solar UVA-induced gene expressionCatalgol, B.; Ziaja, I.; Breusing, N.; Jung, T.; Hoehn, A.; Alpertunga, B.; Schroeder, P.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.; Petropoulos, I.; Friguet, B.; Klotz, L. O.; Grune, T.; Krutmann, J.
2008Partial proteasome inhibition in human fibroblasts triggers accelerated M1 senescence or M2 crisis depending on p53 and Rb statusChondrogianni, Niki; Trougakos, Ioannis P.; Kletsas, Dimitris; Chen, Qin M.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2008Proteasome activation as a novel antiaging strategyChondrogianni, Niki; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2008Chemical analysis and anti-aging properties of Greek pollenGraikou, K.; Aligiannis, N.; Chondrogianni, N.; Kapeta, S.; Gonos, E. S.; Chinou, I
2008Identification of natural compounds that promote proteasome activation and induce lifespan extensionKapeta, S.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Multiple levels of clusterin regulation following proteasome and lysosome inhibitionBalantinou, E.; Trougakos, I. P.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Partial proteasome inhibition triggers p53-dependent premature senescenceChondrogianni, N.; Trougakos, I. P.; Kletsas, D.; Gonos, E. S.
2007The olive constituent oleuropein exhibits proteasome stimulatory properties in vitro and confers life span extension of human embryonic fibroblastsKatsiki, M.; Chondrogianni, N.; Chinou, I.; Rivett, A. J.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
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