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2011Crystallization and Second Harmonic Generation of Lithium Niobium Silicate Glass CeramicsVigouroux, Helene; Fargin, Evelyne; Fargues, Alexandre; Le Garrec, Bruno; Dussauze, Marc; Rodriguez, Vincent; Adamietz, Frederic; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Kamitsos, Efstratios; Lotarev, Sergey; Sigaev, Vladimir
2010How Does Thermal Poling Affect the Structure of Soda-Lime Glass?Dussauze, Marc; Rodriguez, Vincent; Lipovskii, Andrey; Petrov, Michael; Smith, Charmayne; Richardson, Kathleen; Cardinal, Thierry; Fargin, Eveline; Kamitsos, E. I.
2010Polarization mechanisms and structural rearrangements in thermally poled sodium-alumino phosphate glassesDussauze, Marc; Rodriguez, Vincent; Velli, Leoni; Varsamis, Christos P. E.; Kamitsos, Efstratios I.
Showing results 1 to 3 of 3


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