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2011Insights into ectopic estrogen receptor expression, nucleocytoplasmic distribution and interaction with chromatin obtained with new antibodies to estrogen receptors alpha and betaChantzi, Niki I.; Meligova, Aggeliki K.; Dhimolea, Eugen; Petrou, Christos C.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Magafa, Vassiliki; Pechtelidou, Anastasia; Florentin, Ida; Kitraki, Efthimia; Cordopatis, Paul; Tiniakos, Dina G.; Alexis, Michael N.
2005Development and characterization of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies against estrogen receptors α and βDimolea, Eugene; Pechtelidou, Anastasia; Papalexi, Eugenia; Karandrea, Despoina; Petrou, Christos; Florentin, Ida; Magafa, Vassiliki; Kitraki, Efi; Tiniakos, D.G.; Cordopatis, Paul; Alexis, Michael N.
Showing results 1 to 2 of 2


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