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2011Conformational analysis of the MBP(83-99) (Phe(91)) and MBP(83-99) (Tyr(91)) peptide analogues and study of their interactions with the HLA-DR2 and human TCR receptors by using Molecular DynamicsPotamitis, C.; Matsoukas, M. -T.; Tselios, T.; Mavromoustakos, T.; Grdadolnik, S. Golic
2011Strategies in the Rational Drug DesignMavromoustakos, T.; Durdagi, S.; Koukoulitsa, C.; Simcic, M.; Papadopoulos, M. G.; Hodoscek, M.; Grdadolnik, S. Golic
2011Docking and Molecular Dynamics Calculations of Pyrrolidinone Analog MMK16 Bound to COX and LOX EnzymesNeophytou, N.; Leonis, G.; Stavrinoudakis, N.; Simcic, M.; Grdadolnik, S. Golic; Papavassilopoulou, E.; Michas, G.; Moutevelis-Minakakis, P.; Papadopoulos, M. G.; Zing, M.; Mavromoustakos, T.
2010Interactions at the bilayer interface and receptor site induced by the novel synthetic pyrrolidinone analog MMK3Fotakis, C.; Gega, S.; Siapi, E.; Potamitis, C.; Viras, K.; Moutevelis-Minakakis, P.; Kokotos, C. G.; Durdagi, S.; Grdadolnik, S. Golic; Sartori, B.; Rappolt, M.; Mavromoustakos, T.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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