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2011Synthesis of water-soluble multidentate aminoalcohol beta-cyclodextrin derivatives via epoxide openingMartina, K.; Caporaso, M.; Tagliapietra, S.; Heropoulos, G.; Rosati, O.; Cravotto, G.
2011A clean, palladium-catalyzed oxidative esterification of aldehydes using benzyl chlorideHeropoulos, Georgios A.; Villalonga-Barber, Carolina
2011Organic Chemistry with Microwaves and UltrasoundHeropoulos, Georgios A.
2010Microwave assisted solid additive effects in simple dry chlorination reactions with n-chlorosuccinimideBucos, Madalina; Villalonga-Barber, Carolina; Micha-Screttas, Maria; Steele, Barry R.; Screttas, Constantinos G.; Heropoulos, Georgios A.
2009New cyclodextrin dimers and trimers capable of forming supramolecular adducts with shape-specific ligandsAime, Silvio; Gianolio, Eliana; Arena, Francesca; Barge, Alessandro; Martina, Katia; Heropoulos, George; Cravotto, Giancarlo
2008Solution-phase synthesis of first-generation tetraester dendritic branches involving microwave and/or ultrasonic irradiationWiesbrock, Frank; Patteux, Claudine; Olszewski, Tomasz K.; Blanrue, Amelie; Heropoulos, Georgios A.; Steele, Barry R.; Micha-Screttas, Maria; Calogeropoulou, Theodora
2008Coordinated regulation of cold-induced changes in fatty acids with cardiolipin and phosphatidylglycerol composition among phospholipid species for the food pathogen Listeria monocytogenesMastronlcolis, S. K.; Arvanitis, N.; Karaliota, A.; Magiatis, P.; Heropoulos, G. A.; Litos, C.; Moustaka, H.; Tsakirakis, A.; Paramera, E.; Papastavrou, P.
2007Contrasting chemoselectivities in the ultrasound and microwave assisted bromination reactions of substituted alkylaromatics with N-bromosuccinimideHeropoulos, George A.; Cravotto, G.; Screttas, C. G.; Steele, Barry R.
2007Metal chloride reductions with aromatic radical anions. The magnesium chloride catalysed cleavage of tetrahydrofuran by sodium naphthalene radical anionSteele, Barry R.; Heropoulos, George A.; Screttas, C. G.
2006An easy access to aromatic azo compounds under ultrasound/microwave irradiationCravotto, G.; Boffa, L.; Bia, M.; Bonrath, W.; Curini, M.; Heropoulos, George A.
2006Effect of cold temperature on the composition of different lipid classes of the foodborne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes: Focus on neutral lipidsMastronicolis, S. K.; Boura, A.; Karaliota, A.; Magiatis, P.; Arvanitis, N.; Litos, C.; Tsakirakis, A.; Paraskevas, P.; Moustaka, H.; Heropoulos, George A.
2006Microwave-promoted Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halides with phenylboronic acid under aerobic conditions catalyzed by a new palladium complex with a thiosemicarbazone ligandKostas, Ioannis D.; Heropoulos, George A.; Kovala-Demertzi, D.; Yadav, P. N.; Jasinski, J. P.; Demertzis, M. A.; Andreadaki, F. J.; Vo-Thanh, G.; Petit, A.; Loupy, A.
2006Microwave-assisted Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling of aryl halides with phenylboronic acid catalysed by a new palladium complexHeropoulos, George A.; Kostas, Ioannis D.; Kovala-Demertzi, D.; Loupy, A.
2005High intensity ultrasound-assisted reduction of sterically demanding nitroaromaticsHeropoulos, George A.; Georgakopoulos, S.; Steele, Barry R.
2005A facile organolithium route to ferrocene-based triarylmethyl dyes with substantial near IR and NLO propertiesArbez-Gindre, C.; Steele, Barry R.; Heropoulos, George A.; Screttas, C. G.; Communal, J. E.; Blau, W. J.; Ledoux-Rak, I.
2005Medium-dependent lithiated side products in the reductive lithiation of allylic phenyl thioethers. Diethyl ether versus tetrahydrofuranScrettas, C. G.; Heropoulos, George A.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Steele, Barry R.
2005Cold dependence of fatty acid profile of different lipid structures of Listeria monocytogenesMastronicolis, S. K.; Arvanitis, N.; Karaliota, A.; Litos, C.; Stavroulakis, G.; Moustaka, H.; Tsakirakis, A.; Heropoulos, George A.
2003Reductive lithiation of alkyl phenyl sulfides in diethyl ether. A ready access to alpha,alpha-dialkylbenzyllithiumsScrettas, C. G.; Heropoulos, George A.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Steele, Barry R.; Catsoulacos, D. P.
2003Synthesis and characterisation of an imino-phosphine dendrimeric ligand and its application in the Heck reactionSteele, Barry R.; Catsoulacos, D.P.; Heropoulos, George A.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Screttas, Constantinos G.
2003An iminophosphine dendrimeric ligand and its evaluation in the Heck reactionCatsoulacos, D. P.; Steele, Barry R.; Heropoulos, George A.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Screttas, C. G.
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