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2010Epithelial plasticity during Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) is associated with alterations of histone H3 modificationsPintzas, A.; Ferraro, A.; Pelaez, I. Mazon; Boros, I.; Kalogeropoulou, M.
2008Microarray analysis and functional studies in a novel human colon cancer model of EMT: TAF12 regulates E-cadherin and Fra-1 regulates Vimentin expressionPintzas, A.; Joyce, T.; Voulgari, A.; Kalogeropoulou, M.; Andreolas, C.; Davidson, I.; Tora, L.; Medico, E.
2008Specific interactions of TAFs with AP-1 components in the regulation of target genes during RAS transformationKalogeropoulou, M.; Voulgari, A.; Sandaltzopoulos, R.; Dikstein, R.; Davidson, I.; Tora, L.; Pintzas, A.
2008The TFIID-member TAF12 is implicated in the reduction of E-cadherin expression, whereas the AP1-factor FRA-1 in the increase of vimentin expression during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cancerVoulgari, A.; Andreolas, C.; Kalogeropoulou, M.; Voskou, S.; Tora, L.; Davidson, I.; Pintzas, A.
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