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2009N-2(C-3 Pi(u)) -> N-2(B-3 Pi(g))+hv fluorescence increase due to collisional intermolecular energy transfer induced by discharged O-2 in active nitrogen and oxygen mixturesKamaratos, Efstathios
2006Active nitrogen and oxygen: Enhanced emissions and chemical reactionsKamaratos, E.
2005A study of background emissions enhancements in nitrogen afterglows, due to addition of discharged O2, in connection with the reactions {N2 (A 3Σu+, ν) + O(3P}, {O2 (a 1Δg) + N(4S} and {O2 (a 1Δg) + N2Kamaratos, E.
2005Enhanced UV emissions in active nitrogen and oxygenKamaratos, E.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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