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2008Clusterin binds to the cytoplasmic Ku70-Bax nexus and suppresses Bax activation and relocation to mitochondriaTrougakos, I. P.; Lourda, M.; Antonelou, M. M.; Kletsas, D.; Gorgoulis, V. G.; Papassideri, I. S.; Zou, Y.; Margaritis, L. H.; Boothman, D. A.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Partial proteasome inhibition triggers p53-dependent premature senescenceChondrogianni, N.; Trougakos, I. P.; Kletsas, D.; Gonos, E. S.
2006Oncogene-induced senescence is part of the tumorigenesis barrier imposed by DNA damage checkpointsBartkova, J.; Rezaei, N.; Liontos, M.; Karakaidos, P.; Kletsas, D.; Issaeva, N.; Vassiliou, L. V. F.; Kolettas, E.; Niforou, K.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Takaoka, M.; Nakagawa, H.; Tort, F.; Fugger, K.; Johansson, F.; Sehested, M.; Andersen, C. L.; Dyrskjot, L
2005Differential effects of clusterin/apolipoprotein J on cellular growth and survivalTrougakos, Ioannis P.; Lourda, M.; Agiostratidou, G.; Kletsas, D.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2003p53 activates ICAM-1 (CD54) expression in an NF-kappa B-independent mannerGorgoulis, V. G.; Zacharatos, P.; Kotsinas, A.; Kletsas, D.; Mariatos, G.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Ryan, K. M.; Kittas, C.; Papavassiliou, A. G.
2002The complement inhibitor CD59 and the lymphocyte function-associated antigen-3 (LFA-3, CD58) genes possess functional binding sites for the p53 tumor suppressor proteinGazouli, M.; Kokotas, S.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Zacharatos, P.; Mariatos, G.; Kletsas, D.; Perunovic, B.; Athanasiou, A.; Kittas, C.; Gorgoulis, V.
2002Ageing research in GreeceGonos, Efstathios S.; Agrafiotis, D.; Dontas, A. S.; Efthimiopoulos, S.; Galaris, D.; Karamanos, N. K.; Kletsas, D.; Kolettas, E.; Panayotou, G.; Pratsinis, H.; Sekeri-Pataryas, K. E.; Simoes, D.; Sourlingas, T. G.; Stathakos, D.; Stratigos, A. J.
2001Deregulated expression of c-mos in non-small cell lung carcinomas: Relationship with p53 status, genomic instability, and tumor kineticsGorgoulis, V. G.; Zacharatos, P.; Mariatos, G.; Liloglou, T.; Kokotas, S.; Kastrinakis, N.; Kotsinas, A.; Athanasiou, A.; Foukas, P.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Kletsas, D.; Ikonomopoulos, J.; Asimacopoulos, P. J.; Kittas, C.; Field, J. K.
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8


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