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2008Constituents of Sideritis syriaca. ssp syriaca (Lamiaceae) and their antioxidant activityArmata, M.; Gabrieli, C.; Termentzi, A.; Zervou, M.; Kokkalou, E.
2008Ficus sycomorus sap: a psoralene source with potential for the treatment of psoriasisMavromoustakos, T.; Petrou, C.; Kokkalou, E.; Roussis, V; Christofi, V; Efthimiou, G.; Potamitis, C.; Durdagi, S.; Mavromoustakos, S.
2008Antioxidant properties and five new phenylpropanoid esters of apigenin from Sideritis syriaca LPlioukas, M.; Gabrieli, C.; Zervou, M.; Kokkalou, E.
2008A novel complex phenolic constituent from medium matured Sorbus domestica (Rosaceae) fruitsTermentzi, A.; Zervou, M.; Kokkalou, E.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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