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2013OpramoasKokkinia, Christina
2013Review of: Andrea Jördens: Statthalterliche Verwaltung in der römischen Kaiserzeit: Studien zum praefectus. Aegypti, Historia Einzelschriften 175, Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag 2009. ISBN: 978-3-515-09283-8Kokkinia, Christina
2012The god-emperor. Fragments of a discourse between Greek Cities and provincial governorsKokkinia, Christina
2012Opramoas' citizenships: The Lycian politeuomenos-formulaKokkinia, Christina
2012[Review of Harriet I. Flower. Roman Republics. N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2010]Κοκκινιά, Χριστίνα
2012Review of: Clifford Ando: Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition. Empire and After. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011, ISBN 9780812243543Kokkinia, Christina
2012Review of: Andreas Klingenberg: Sozialer Abstieg in der römischen Kaiserzeit. Risiken der Oberschicht in der Zeit von Augustus bis zum Ende der Severer. Paderborn, 2011Kokkinia, Christina
2012Games vs. buildings as euergetic choicesKokkinia, Christina
2011Review of: Roger S. Bagnall: Everyday Writing in the Graeco-Roman East, Berkeley: University of California Press 2010Kokkinia, Christina
2010Review of: Susan P. Mattern: Galen and the Rhetoric of Healing, Baltimore / London: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008Kokkinia, Christina
2010Review of: William V. Harris & Brooke Holmes (eds.): Aelius Aristides between Greece, Rome, and the Gods. Leiden / Boston: Brill, 2008, ISBN 9004172041, 9789004172043, p. 322Kokkinia, Christina
2009The role of individuals in inscribing Roman state documents: Governors' letters and edictsKokkinia, Christina
2008Grain for Cibyra: Veranius Philagros and the “Great Conspiracy”Kokkinia, Christina
2008Boubon. The Inscriptions and Archaeological Remains; A Survey 2004-2006Kokkinia, Christina
2008Review of: Daniëlle Slootjes: The Governor and his Subjects in the Later Roman Empire. Leiden / Boston: Brill 2006,ISBN 9789004150706, p. 214Kokkinia, Christina
2008Aphrodisias' "rights of liberty": diplomatic strategies and the Roman governorKokkinia, Christina
2007Review of: Bernadette Puech: Orateurs et sophistes grecs dans les inscriptions d'époque impériale, Paris: Librairie Philosophique J. Vrin 2002Kokkinia, Christina
2007A rhetorical riddle: the subject of Dio Chrysostom's first Tarsian orationKokkinia, Christina
2007Junge Honoratioren in Lykien und eine neue Ehreninschrift aus BubonKokkinia, Christina
2006The governor's boot and the city's politicians. Greek communities and Rome's representatives under the empireKokkinia, Christina
Showing results 1 to 20 of 29


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