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2007Testing the 3D QSAR/ComFA-CoMSIA results of flexible bioactive compounds with molecular docking studiesDurdagi, S.; Koukoulitsa, C.; Kapou, A.; Kourouli, T.; Andreou, T.; Nikas, S. P.; Nahmias, V. R.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Papadopoulos, Manthos G.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas
2007The application of 3D-QSAR studies for novel cannabinoid ligands substituted at the C1' position of the alkyl side chain on the structural requirements for binding to cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2Durdagi, S.; Kapou, A.; Kourouli, T.; Andreou, T.; Nikas, S. P.; Nahmias, V. R.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Papadopoulos, Manthos G.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas
2006A convenient preparation of enantiomerically pure esters of trans-epoxysuccinic acidPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Nahmias, V. R.
2005Behavioral pharmacological properties of a novel cannabinoid 1 ',1 '-dithiolane Delta(8)-THC analog, AMG-3Antoniou, K.; Galanopoulos, A.; Vlachou, S.; Kourouli, T.; Nahmias, V.; Thermos, K.; Panagis, G.; Daifoti, Z.; Marselos, M.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Spyraki, C.
2004The role of halogen substitution in classical cannabinoids: A CB1 pharmacophore modelNikas, S. P.; Grzybowska, J.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Charalambous, A.; Banijamali, A. R.; Chari, R.; Fan, P. S.; Kourouli, T.; Lin, S. Y.; Nitowski, A. J.; Marciniak, G.; Guo, Y.; Li, X. Y.; Wang, C. L. J.; Makriyannis, A.
2003Pharmacophoric requirements for the cannabinoid side chain. Probing the cannabinoid receptor subsite at C1'Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Nikas, S. P.; Kourouli, T.; Chari, R.; Xu, W.; Pertwee, R. G.; Makriyannis, A.
1999Structure elucidation and conformational properties of synthetic cannabinoids (-)-2-(6a,7,10,10a-tetrahydro-6,6,9-trimethyl-1-hydroxy-6H-dibenzo [b,d]pyranyl)-2-hexyl-1,3-dithiolane and its methylated analogMavromoustakos, Thomas; Theodoropoulou, E.; Zervou, Maria; Kourouli, T.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.
1999Synthesis and cannabinoid receptor affinities of a series of halogen substitited Δ8-tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Nikas, S.; Picone, R.; Makriyannis, A.
1998Pharmacophoric requirements for cannabinoid side chains: Multiple bond and C1 '-substituted Delta(8)-tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Abadji, V.; Goutopoulos, A.; Makriyannis, A.
1996Pharmacophoric requirements for cannabinoid side chains. Naphthoyl and naphthylmethyl substituted Delta(8)-tetrahydrocannabinol analogsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Makriyannis, A.
1996Studies on the thermotropic effects of cannabinoids on phosphatidylcholine bilayers using differential scanning calorimetry and small angle X-ray diffractionMavromoustakos, Thomas; Theodoropoulou, E.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Yang, D. P.; Trumbore, M.; Makriyannis, A.
1995Recent advances in the field of cannabinoids: Synthesis of novel analogs and their interactions with membranesMavromoustakos, Thomas; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Theodoropoulou, E.; Makriyannis, A.
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