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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2012Ionization potentials and electron affinities from reduced-density-matrix functional theoryZarkadoula, E. N.; Sharma, S.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Gross, E. K. U.; Lathiotakis, N. N.
2011Fractional spin in reduced density-matrix functional theoryHelbig, N.; Theodorakopoulos, G.; Lathiotakis, N. N.
2010Size consistency of explicit functionals of the natural orbitals in reduced density matrix functional theoryLathiotakis, N. N.; Gidopoulos, N. I.; Helbig, N.
2010Discontinuities of the Chemical Potential in Reduced Density Matrix Functional TheoryLathiotakis, N. N.; Sharma, S.; Helbig, N.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Marques, M. A. L.; Eich, F.; Baldsiefen, T.; Zacarias, A.; Gross, E. K. U.
2009Emitting and electron-transfer electronic states of tertiary amine-fluorophore sensor systemsPetsalakis, Ioannis D.; Kerkines, Ioannis S. K.; Lathiotakis, Nektarios N.; Theodorakopoulos, Giannoula
2009Density-matrix-power functional: Performance for finite systems and the homogeneous electron gasLathiotakis, N. N.; Sharma, S.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Eich, F. G.; Marques, M. A. L.; Gross, E. K. U.
2009A functional of the one-body-reduced density matrix derived from the homogeneous electron gas: Performance for finite systemsLathiotakis, N. N.; Helbig, N.; Zacarias, A.; Gross, E. K. U.
2009Discontinuity of the chemical potential in reduced-density-matrix-functional theory for open-shell systemsHelbig, N.; Lathiotakis, N. N.; Gross, E. K. U.
2009Optical and magnetic properties of boron fullerenesBotti, Silvana; Castro, Alberto; Lathiotakis, Nektarios N.; Andrade, Xavier; Marques, Miguel A. L.
2008Reduced density matrix functional for many-electron systemsSharma, S.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Lathiotakis, N. N.; Gross, E. K. U.
2008Codoping: A possible pathway for inducing ferromagnetism in ZnOLathiotakis, N. N.; Andriotis, Antonis N.; Menon, Madhu
2008Theoretical study on tertiary amine-fluorophore photoinduced electron transfer (PET) systemsPetsalakis, Ioannis D.; Lathiotakis, Nektarios N.; Theodorakopoulos, Giannoula
2008Benchmark calculations for reduced density-matrix functional theoryLathiotakis, N. N.; Marques, Miguel A. L.
2008Empirical functionals for reduced-density-matrix-functional theoryMarques, Miguel A. L.; Lathiotakis, N. N.
Showing results 1 to 14 of 14


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