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2006New palladium complexes with S- or Se-containing Schiff-base ligands as efficient catalysts for the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction of aryl bromides with phenylboronic acid under aerobic conditionsKostas, Ioannis D.; Steele, Barry R.; Terzis, A.; Amosova, S. V.; Martynov, A. V.; Makhaeva, N. A.
2005Terminal organylchalcogenoethylamines and organylchalcogenopropylamines and their Schiff base derivativesAmosova, S. V.; Makhaeva, N. A.; Martynov, A. V.; Potapov, V. A.; Steele, Barry R.; Kostas, Ioannis D.
2004Reduction of terminal organylchalcogeno phosphonates as a way to prepare primary organylcralcogeno phosphinesMartynov, A. V.; Makhaeva, N. A.; Potapov, V. A.; Amosova, S. V.; Steele, Barry R.; Kostas, Ioannis D.
Showing results 1 to 3 of 3


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