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2007C1 '-cycloalkyl side chain pharmacophore in tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Nahmias, V. R.; Nikas, S. P.; Andreou, T.; Alapafuja, S. O.; Tsotinis, A.; Guo, J.; Fan, P.; Makriyannis, A.
2006Synthesis and biological evaluation of benzopyran analogues bearing class III antiarrhythmic pharmacophoresKoufaki, Maria; Kiziridi, C.; Papazafiri, P.; Vassilopoulos, A.; Varro, A.; Nagy, Z.; Farkas, A.; Makriyannis, A.
2006Structural modifications of the cannabinoid side chain towards C3-aryl and 1 ',1 '-cycloalkyl-1 '-cyano cannabinoidsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Nahmias, V. R.; Andreou, T.; Fan, P. S.; Makriyannis, A.
2005Novel 17 beta-substituted conformationally constrained neurosteroids that modulate GABA(A) receptorsSouli, C.; Avlonitis, N.; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Tsotinis, A.; Maksay, G.; Biro, T.; Politi, A.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Makriyannis, A.; Reis, Heribert; Papadopoulos, Manthos G.
2004The role of halogen substitution in classical cannabinoids: A CB1 pharmacophore modelNikas, S. P.; Grzybowska, J.; Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Charalambous, A.; Banijamali, A. R.; Chari, R.; Fan, P. S.; Kourouli, T.; Lin, S. Y.; Nitowski, A. J.; Marciniak, G.; Guo, Y.; Li, X. Y.; Wang, C. L. J.; Makriyannis, A.
2003Bifunctional agents for reperfusion arrhythmias: Novel hybrid vitamin E Class I antiarrhythmicsKoufaki, Maria; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Rekka, E.; Chryselis, M.; Papazafiri, P.; Gaitanaki, C.; Makriyannis, A.
2003Pharmacophoric requirements for the cannabinoid side chain. Probing the cannabinoid receptor subsite at C1'Papahatjis, Demetris P.; Nikas, S. P.; Kourouli, T.; Chari, R.; Xu, W.; Pertwee, R. G.; Makriyannis, A.
2003Antileishmanial ring-substituted ether phospholipidsAvlonitis, N.; Lekka, E.; Detsi, A.; Koufaki, Maria; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Scoulica, E.; Siapi, E.; Kyrikou, I.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Tsotinis, A.; Grdadolnik, S. G.; Makriyannis, A.
2002Novel 1 ',1 '-chain substituted Delta(8)-tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Nikas, S. P.; Andreou, T.; Makriyannis, A.
2001Ether phospholipid-AZT conjugates possessing anti-HIV and antitumor cell activity. Synthesis, conformational analysis, and study of their thermal effects on membrane bilayersMavromoustakos, Thomas; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Koufaki, Maria; Kolocouris, A.; Daliani, I.; Demetzos, C.; Meng, Z. X.; Makriyannis, A.; Balzarini, J.; De Clercq, E.
2001A new ring-forming methodology for the synthesis of conformationally constrained bioactive moleculesPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Nikas, S.; Tsotinis, A.; Vlachou, M.; Makriyannis, A.
1999Synthesis and cannabinoid receptor affinities of a series of halogen substitited Δ8-tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Nikas, S.; Picone, R.; Makriyannis, A.
1999Bioactive ether lipids: synthesis and biological activityKoufaki, Maria; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Detsi, A.; Polychroniou, V.; Tsotinis, A.; Hendriks, H.R.; Dherbomez, M.; El kihel, L.; Letourneux, Y.; Makriyannis, A.
1999The interactions of cannabinoids with membranes as studied by DSC and solid state NMRMavromoustakos, Thomas; Daliani, I.; Kolocouris, A.; Makriyannis, A.
1998Novel analogues of arachidonylethanolamide (anandamide): Affinities for the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors and metabolic stabilityLin, S. Y.; Khanolkar, A. D.; Fan, P. S.; Goutopoulos, A.; Qin, C.; Papahadjis, D.; Makriyannis, A.
1998Pharmacophoric requirements for cannabinoid side chains: Multiple bond and C1 '-substituted Delta(8)-tetrahydrocannabinolsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Kourouli, T.; Abadji, V.; Goutopoulos, A.; Makriyannis, A.
1996Model investigations for vanadium-protein interactions. Synthetic, structural, and physical studies of vanadium(III) and oxovanadium(IV/V) complexes with amidate ligandsKeramidas, A. D.; Papaioannou, A. B.; Vlahos, A.; Kabanos, T. A.; Bonas, G.; Makriyannis, A.; Rapropoulou, C. P.; Terzis, A.
1996Alkyl and alkoxyethyl antineoplastic phospholipidsKoufaki, Maria; Polychroniou, V.; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Tsotinis, A.; Drees, M.; Fiebig, H. H.; LeClerc, S.; Hendriks, H. R.; Makriyannis, A.
1996Synthesis and antiretroviral evaluation of new alkoxy and aryloxy phosphate derivatives of 3'-azido-3'-deoxythymidineTsotinis, A.; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; Koufaki, Maria; Souli, C.; Balzarini, J.; DeClercq, E.; Makriyannis, A.
1996Study of drug membrane interactions using solid state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopyMavromoustakos, Thomas; Theodoropoulou, E.; Makriyannis, A.
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