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2010Effect of 193 and 157 nm laser light illumination on the surface properties of TMOS-NiCl2 sol-gel derived materialAthanasekos, L.; Kollia, Z.; Vasileiadis, M.; Aspiotis, N.; Alexandropoulos, D.; Meristoudi, A.; Karoutsos, V.; Sarantopoulou, E.
2010Diffractive optic sensor for remote-point detection of ammoniaVasileiadis, M.; Athanasekos, L.; Meristoudi, A.; Alexandropoulos, D.; Mousdis, G.; Karoutsos, V.; Botsialas, A.; Vainos, N. A.
2010Development and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Block Copolymers Micelles Encapsulating Metal NanoparticlesMeristoudi, A.; Iliopoulos, K.; Pispas, S.; Vainos, N.; Couris, S.
2009Nanocomposite hybrid photonic media for remote point sensorsMeristoudi, A.; Athanasekos, L.; Vasileiadis, M.; Pispas, S.; Mousdis, G.; Karoutsos, E.; Alexandropoulos, D.; Du, H.; Tsigara, A.; Kibasi, K.; Perrone, A.; Vainos, N. A.
2008Nonlinear optical properties of Au nanoclusters encapsulated into hybrid block copolymer micellesIliopoulos, K.; Athanasiou, D.; Meristoudi, A.; Vainos, N.; Pispas, S.; Couris, S.
2008Self-assembly in solutions of block and random copolymers during metal nanoparticle formationMeristoudi, A.; Pispas, S.; Vainos, N.
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6


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