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2011Insights into ectopic estrogen receptor expression, nucleocytoplasmic distribution and interaction with chromatin obtained with new antibodies to estrogen receptors alpha and betaChantzi, Niki I.; Meligova, Aggeliki K.; Dhimolea, Eugen; Petrou, Christos C.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Magafa, Vassiliki; Pechtelidou, Anastasia; Florentin, Ida; Kitraki, Efthimia; Cordopatis, Paul; Tiniakos, Dina G.; Alexis, Michael N.
2011Coactivation of GR and NFKB alters the repertoire of their binding sites and target genesRao, Nagesha A. S.; McCalman, Melysia T.; Moulos, Panagiotis; Francoijs, Kees-Jan; Chatziioannou, Aristotelis; Kolisis, Fragiskos N.; Alexis, Michael N.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G.
2008Effects of ErbB2/HER2 over-expression on breast cancer cell growth and on the regulation of the cyclin D1 and IEX-1 genes: implication for tamoxifen resistanceGouedard, C.; Vidali, Y. M.; Mitsiou, D. J.; Alexis, M. N.
2007Engineered chimeric enzymes as tools for drug discovery: Generating reliable bacterial screens for the detection, discovery, and assessment of estrogen receptor modulatorsSkretas, G.; Meligova, A. K.; Villalonga-Barber, Carolina; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Alexis, Michael N.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Steele, Barry R.; Screttas, C. G.; Wood, D. W.
2007A facelift for the general transcription factor TFIIAHoiby, T.; Zhou, H. Q.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Stunnenberg, H. G.
2006Uncleaved TFIIA is a substrate for taspase 1 and active in transcriptionZhou, H. Q.; Spicuglia, S.; Hsieh, J. J. D.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Hoiby, T.; Veenstra, G. J. C.; Korsmeyer, S. J.; Stunnenberg, H. G.
2005Pronounced enhancement of glucocorticoid-induced gene expression following severe heat shock of heat-conditioned cells hints to intricate cell survival tacticsMitsiou, Dimitra J.; Florentin, I.; Baki, L.; Georgakopoulos, A.; Alexis, Michael N.
2005Heat-induced degradation of overexpressed glucocorticoid receptor - Separate protective roles of hsp90 and hsp70Siriani, D.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Alexis, Michael N.
2004Cleavage and proteasome-mediated degradation of the basal transcription factor TFIIAH°iby, T.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Zhou, H.; Erdjument-Bromage, H.; Tempst, P.; Stunnenberg, H. G.
2004Control of glucocorticoid receptor signaling by heat shock proteinsAlexis, Michael N.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Siriani, D.; Florentin, I.
2004A new class of phytoestrogens: Evaluation of the estrogenic activity of deoxybenzoinsFokialakis, N.; Lambrinidis, G.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Aligiannis, N.; Mitakou, S.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Pratsinis, H.; Mikros, E.; Alexis, Michael N.
2003Overexpressed glucocorticoid receptor negatively regulates gene expression under conditions that favour accumulation of non-hormone-binding forms of the receptorSiriani, D.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Alexis, Michael N.
2003p300 is involved in formation of the TBP-TFIIA-containing basal transcription complex, TACMitsiou, Dimitra J.; Stunnenberg, H. G.
2003Maintenance of glucocorticoid receptor function following severe heat-shock of heat-conditioned cellsMitsiou, Dimitra J.; Siriani, D.; Katsanou, E. S.; Florentin, I.; Georgakopoulos, A.; Alexis, Michael N.
1996Steroid hormone receptor dependence to heat shock proteins for function leads to inactivation of hormonal regulation of gene expression in stressed cellsAlexis, Michael N.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.
1995Temporary Loss of Glucocorticoid Receptor-Mediated Regulation of Gene-Expression in Heat-Shocked CellsMitsiou, Dimitra J.; Alexis, Michael N.
1992Subunit Composition of the Untransformed Glucocorticoid Receptor in the Cytosol and in the CellAlexis, Michael N.; Mavridou, I.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.
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