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2012Polyplexes based on cationic polymers with strong nucleic acid binding propertiesVarkouhi, Amir K.; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Schiffelers, Raymond M.; Lammers, Twan; Storm, Gert; Pispas, Stergios; Hennink, Wim E.
2012Association of Poly(4-hydroxystyrene)-block-Poly(Ethylene oxide) in Aqueous Solutions: Block Copolymer Nanoparticles with Intermixed BlocksStepanek, Miroslav; Hajduova, Jana; Prochazka, Karel; Slouf, Miroslav; Nebesarova, Jana; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Mantzaridis, Christos; Pispas, Stergios
2011Crystallization and Second Harmonic Generation of Lithium Niobium Silicate Glass CeramicsVigouroux, Helene; Fargin, Evelyne; Fargues, Alexandre; Le Garrec, Bruno; Dussauze, Marc; Rodriguez, Vincent; Adamietz, Frederic; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Kamitsos, Efstratios; Lotarev, Sergey; Sigaev, Vladimir
2011Polyelectrolyte-Surfactant Complexes Formed by Poly-[3,5-bis(trimethylammoniummethyl)4-hydroxystyrene iodide]-block-poly(ethylene oxide) and Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate in Aqueous SolutionsStepanek, Miroslav; Matejicek, Pavel; Prochazka, Karel; Filippov, Sergey K.; Angelov, Borislav; Slouf, Miroslav; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios
2011Orientation phenomena in chromophore DR1-containing polymer films and their non-linear optical responseMoencke, Doris; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Kamitsos, Efstratios I.
2011Amphiphilic block copolymers by a combination of anionic polymerization and selective post-polymerization functionalizationKaditi, Eleni; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios
2010Solution Behavior of Poly(sodium(sulfamate-carboxylate)isoprene), a pH Sensitive and Intrinsically Hydrophobic PolyelectrolyteKarayianni, Maria; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios
2010Self-Assembled Nanoparticles from a Block Polyelectrolyte in Aqueous Media: Structural Characterization by SANSPapagiannopoulos, Aristeidis; Karayianni, Maria; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Radulescu, Aurel
2010Thermoresponsive Core-Shell Brush Copolymers with Poly(propylene oxide)-block-poly(ethylene oxide) Side Chains via a "Grafting from" TechniqueZhao, Junpeng; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Zhang, Guangzhao; Pispas, Stergios
2010Polymer Covalent Functionalization of Carbon Nanohorns Using Bulk Free Radical PolymerizationMountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Ichihasi, Toshinari; Yudasaka, Masako; Iijima, Sumio; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2009Amphiphilic Polystyrene-b-poly(p-hydroxystyrene-g-ethylene oxide) Block-Graft Copolymers via a Combination of Conventional and Metal-Free Anionic PolymerizationZhao, Junpeng; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Zhang, Guangzhao; Pispas, Stergios
2009Neutron Reflectivity Study of Free-End Distribution in Polymer BrushesSpiliopoulos, Nikolaos; Koutsioubas, Alexandros G.; Anastassopoulos, Dimitris L.; Vradis, Alexandros A.; Toprakcioglu, Chris; Menelle, Alain; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios
2009Multicompartment Nanoparticles Formed by a Heparin-Mimicking Block Terpolymer in Aqueous SolutionsUchman, Mariusz; Stepanek, Miroslav; Prochazka, Karel; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Voets, Ilja K.; Walther, Andreas
2009Functionalization of Carbon Nanohorns with Polyethylene Oxide: Synthesis and Incorporation in a Polymer MatrixMountrichas, Grigoris; Tagmatarchis, Nikos; Pispas, Stergios
2009Properties, applications and functionalisation of carbon nanohornsPagona, Georgia; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Rotas, Georgios; Karousis, Nikolaos; Pispas, Stergios; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2009Photoinduced electron transfer in aqueous carbon nanotube/block copolymer/CdS hybrids: application in the construction of photoelectrochemical cellsMountrichas, Grigoris; Sandanayaka, Atula S. D.; Economopoulos, Solon P.; Pispas, Stergios; Ito, Osamu; Hasobe, Taku; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2008pH-Dependent Self-Assembly of Polystyrene-block-Poly((sulfamate-carboxylate)isoprene) Copolymer in Aqueous MediaUchman, Mariusz; Prochazka, Karel; Stepanek, Miroslav; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Spirkova, Milena; Walther, Andreas
2008Lithium ion induced nanophase ordering and ion mobility in ionic block copolymersIoannou, Eirini F.; Mountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergios; Kamitsos, Efstratios I.; Floudas, George
2008Grafting-to approach for the functionalization of carbon nanotubes with polystyreneMountrichas, Grigoris; Pispas, Stergicis; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
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