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2010Extracellular polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerase/esterase of T.thermophilus is associated with flagellin of the type III export systemPantazaki, A.A.; Papaneophytou, C.; Hirano, H.; Kyriakidis, D.A.
2009An extracellular polyhydroxybutyrate depolymerase in Thermus thermophilus HB8Papaneophytou, C.; Pantazaki, A.A.; Kyriakidis, D.A.
2008DNA interaction studies and evaluation of biological activity of homo- and hetero-trihalide mononuclear Cu(II) Schiff base complexes. Quantitative structure–activity relationshipsChaviara, A.T.; Kioseoglou, E.E.; Pantazaki, A.A.; Tsipis, A.C.; Karipidis, P.A.; Kyriakidis, D.A.; Bolos, C.A.
2005Polyhydroxyalkanoates degrading extracellular hydrolase-like activity by T-thermophilusPapaneophytou, C.P.; Kyriakidis, D.A.; Pantazaki, A.A.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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