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1995Effects of Pressure and Pressure Revitrification on the Structure and Properties of Superionic Silver Iodomolybdate GlassesPappin, A. J.; Ingram, M. D.; Hutchinson, J. M.; Chryssikos, Georgios D.; Kamitsos, E. I.
1995Infrared Study of Agi Containing Superionic GlassesKamitsos, E. I.; Kapoutsis, J. A.; Chryssikos, Georgios D.; Hutchinson, J. M.; Pappin, A. J.; Ingram, M. D.; Duffy, J. A.
1994Lithium Sodium Metaborate Glasses - Structural Aspects and Vitrification ChemistryChryssikos, Georgios D.; Kapoutsis, J. A.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Patsis, A. P.; Pappin, A. J.
1994Lithium borate glasses: A quantitative study of strength and fragilityChryssikos, Georgios D.; Duffy, J. A.; Hutchinson, J. M.; Ingram, M. D.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Pappin, A. J.
Showing results 1 to 4 of 4


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