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2011A fraction of the transcription factor TAF15 participates in interactions with a subset of the spliceosomal U1 snRNP complexLeichter, Michael; Marko, Marija; Ganou, Vassiliki; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Tora, Laszlo; Guialis, Apostolia
2011Investigation of Cell Death Induced by N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea in Cell Lines of Human Origin and Implication of RNA Binding Protein AlterationsKoryllou, A.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Dimozi, A.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Pletsa, V.
2010Deregulated expression of hnRNP A/B proteins in human non-small cell lung cancer: parallel assessment of protein and mRNA levels in paired tumour/non-tumour tissuesBoukakis, Georgios; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Lekarakou, Maria; Valavanis, Christos; Guialis, Apostolia
2010Extensive association of HuR with hnRNP proteins within immunoselected hnRNP and mRNP complexesPapadopoulou, Christina; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Guialis, Apostolia
2010hnRNP M interacts with PSF and p54(nrb) and co-localizes within defined nuclear structuresMarko, Marija; Leichter, Michael; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Guialis, Apostolia
2009Cell death induced by N-methyl-N-nitrosourea, a model S(N)1 methylating agent, in two lung cancer cell lines of human originKoryllou, Angeliki; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Troungos, Constantinos; Pletsa, Vassiliki
2009Overexpression of hnRNPA2/B1 in Bronchoscopic Specimens: A Potential Early Detection Marker in Lung CancerKatsimpoula, S.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Makrilia, N.; Dimakou, K.; Guialis, A.; Orfanidou, D.; Syrigos, K. N.
2008Association of members of the hnRNP protein family with HuR in nuclear and cytoplasmic extracts of mammalian cellsPapadopoulou, C.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Kontoyiannis, D. L.; Guialis, A.
2008P53-dependent differential sensitivity of lung cancer cell lines to the chemotherapeutic agents N-methyl-N-nitrosourea and trichostatin AKoryllou, A.; Sourlingas, G.; Pratsinis, M.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Pletsa, V.
2008Interactive partners and molecular characteristics of the mammalian hnRNP A3 proteinBoukakis, G.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Papadopoulou, C.; Guialis, A.
2007Multiple specificities of autoantibodies against hnRNP A/B proteins in systemic rheumatic diseases and hnRNP L as an associated novel autoantigenSiapka, S.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Vlachoyiannopoulos, P. G.; Guialis, Apostolia
2006Molecular mechanism of methylating agent-induced apoptosis: identification of novel chemosensitivity markersPletsa, Vassiliki; Korillou, A.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Guialis, Apostolia
2002Association of the 72/74-kDa proteins, members of the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein M group, with the pre-mRNA at early stages of spliceosome assemblyKafasla, P.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Lewis, J. D.; Guialis, Apostolia
2000The 72/74-kDa polypeptides of the 70-110 S large heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein complex (LH-nRNP) represent a discrete subset of the hnRNP M protein familyKafasla, P.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Guialis, Apostolia
1998Structural/functional properties of a mammalian multi-component structure containing all major spliceosomal small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particlesMoraitou, M.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Guialis, Apostolia
1994Anti-5s Rna/Protein (Rnp) Antibody-Levels Correlate with Disease-Activity in a Patient with Systemic Lupus-Erythematosus (Sle) NephritisGuialis, Apostolia; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Tsifetaki, N.; Aidinis, V.; Sekeris, Constantine E.; Moutsopoulos, H. M.
1991A Novel 40s Multi-Snrnp Complex Isolated from Rat-Liver NucleiGuialis, Apostolia; Moraitou, M.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Dangli, A.
1990The Urea-Soluble Low-Molecular-Weight Cuticle Proteins from the Different Developmental Stages of Dacus-OleaeSouliotis, Vassilis L.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Zongza, V.; Dimitriadis, J.C.
1990Isolation of an Endogenous 40s Multi-Snrnp Complex Containing U1, U2, U4, U5, U6 Snrnps and a Set of 50-210 Kd ProteinsGuialis, Apostolia; Moraitou, M.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Dangli, A.; Sekeris, Constantine E.
1988Cuticle Proteins during the Development of Dacus-OleaeSouliotis, Vassilis L.; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Zongza, V.; Dimitriadis, J.C.
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