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2011Schottky and charge memory effects in InN nanodomainsSpyropoulos-Antonakakis, N.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Drazic, G.; Kobe, S.
2011Protein immobilization and detection on laser processed polystyrene surfacesSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Petrou, Panagiota S.; Kollia, Zoe; Palles, Dimitrios; Spyropoulos-Antonakakis, Nikolaos; Kakabakos, Sotirios; Cefalas, Alkiviadis-Constantinos
2011Effects of MOCVD Thin Cobalt Films' Structure and Surface Characteristics on their Magnetic BehaviorPapadopoulos, Nikolaos; Karayianni, Chaido-Stefania; Tsakiridis, Petros; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Hristoforou, Evangelos
2011Long-term oxidization and phase transition of InN nanotexturesSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kollia, Zoe; Drazic, Goran; Kobe, Spomenka; Antonakakis, Nicolaos Spyropoulos
2011Interplanetary survival probability of Aspergillus terreus spores under simulated solar vacuum ultraviolet irradiationSarantopoulou, E.; Gomoiu, I.; Kollia, Z.; Cefalas, A. C.
2011MOCVD Cobalt Oxide Deposition from Inclusion Complexes: Decomposition Mechanism, Structure, and PropertiesPapadopoulos, N. D.; Karayianni, H. S.; Tsakiridis, P. E.; Perraki, M.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Hristoforou, E.
2011Graphene oxide with covalently linked porphyrin antennae: Synthesis, characterization and photophysical propertiesKarousis, Nikolaos; Sandanayaka, Atula S. D.; Hasobe, Taku; Economopoulos, Solon P.; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2010Formation of core-shell and hollow nanospheres through the nanoscale melt-solidification effect in the Sm-Fe(Ta)-N systemSturm, S.; Rozman, K. Zuzek; Markoli, B.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Cefalas, A. C.; Kobe, S.
2010Effect of 193 and 157 nm laser light illumination on the surface properties of TMOS-NiCl2 sol-gel derived materialAthanasekos, L.; Kollia, Z.; Vasileiadis, M.; Aspiotis, N.; Alexandropoulos, D.; Meristoudi, A.; Karoutsos, V.; Sarantopoulou, E.
2010Magnetic Field Trapping in Coherent Antisymmetric States of Liquid Water Molecular RotorsCefalas, A. C.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Riziotis, C.; Drazic, G.; Kobe, S.; Strazisar, J.; Meden, A.
2010Porphyrin counter anion in imidazolium-modified graphene-oxideKarousis, Nikolaos; Economopoulos, Solon P.; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2009Dual purpose laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry for pulsed laser deposition and diagnostics of thin film fabrication: Preliminary studyAzdejkovic, Mersida Janeva; van Elteren, Johannes Teun; Rozman, Kristina Zuzek; Jacimovic, Radojko; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kobe, Spomenka; Cefalas, Alkiviadis Constantinos
2009Determination of oxygen content in pulsed laser deposited InN thin films with analytical electron microscopyDrazic, Goran; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kollia, Zoe; Cefalas, Alciviadis-Constantinos; Kobe, Spomenka
2009Surface modification of polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane block copolymer films by 157 nm laser lightSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kollia, Zoe; Cefalas, Alkiviadis Constantinos; Siokou, Ageliki Elina; Argitis, Panagiotis; Bellas, Vassilios; Kobe, Spomenka
2008Self-assembled ferromagnetic and superparamagnetic structures of hybrid Fe block copolymersSarantopoulou, E.; Kovac, J.; Pispas, S.; Kobe, S.; Kollia, Z.; Cefalas, A. C.
2008Nanocrystallization of CaCO(3) at solid/liquid interfaces in magnetic field: A quantum approachCefalas, A. C.; Kobe, S.; Drazic, G.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Strazisar, J.; Meden, A.
2008Observation of nanostructured cluster formation of Tm ions in CaF2 crystalsDrazic, G.; Kobe, S.; Cefalas, A. C.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.
2008Growth, clustering and morphology of intermetallic alloy core-shell nanodropletsCefalas, A. C.; Kobe, S.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Samardzija, Z.; Janeva, M.; Drazic, G.; Kollia, Z.
2008Surface modification of polymeric thin films with vacuum ultraviolet lightSarantopoulou, E.; Kovac, J.; Kollia, Z.; Raptis, I.; Kobe, S.; Cefalas, A. C.
2008Growth and adhesion of biphasic crystalline-amorphous Sm/Fe-Ta-N magnetic nanospheroids on a Ta surfaceCefalas, A. C.; Kovac, J.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Drazic, G.; Kollia, Z.; Kobe, S.
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