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1994Threshold Photoelectron-Spectroscopy of Cf4 up to 60.5-EvYencha, A. J.; Hopkirk, A.; Hiraya, A.; Dujardin, G.; Kvaran, A.; Hellner, L.; Besnardramage, M. J.; Donovan, R. J.; Goode, J. G.; Maier, R. R. J.; King, G. C.; Spyrou, S.
1990Gain and Saturation Measurements in a Discharge Excited F2 Laser Using an Oscillator Amplifier ConfigurationSkordoulis, C.; Spyrou, S.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
1990Amplification Characteristics of a Discharge Excited F2 LaserSkordoulis, C.; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Spyrou, S.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
1988Excimer Laser-Induced Photoablation of Charge-Transfer Thin-Film MaterialsKamitsos, E. I.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Spyrou, S.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
1987Study of the 3s Rydberg State of Pyrimidine by Multiphoton Ionization SpectroscopyBolovinos, A.; Spyrou, S.; Tsekeris, P.; Kompitsas, Michael G.
1986Multiphoton Dissociation Ionization of Benzene, Pyridine, and Diazabenzenes - Detection of an Atomic Carbon TransitionBolovinos, A.; Spyrou, S.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Philis, J. G.; Tsekeris, P.
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6


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