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2005Interactions between CYP1A1 polymorphisms and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in the modulation of lymphocyte bulky DNA adducts and chromosomal aberrationsGeorgiadis, Panagiotis; Topinka, J.; Vlachodimitropoulos, D.; Stoikidou, M.; Gioka, M.; Stephanou, G.; Autrup, H.; Demopoulos, N. A.; Katsouyanni, K.; Sram, R.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.
2004Impact of phase I or phase II enzyme polymorphisms on lymphocyte DNA adducts in subjects exposed to urban air pollution and environmental tobacco smokeGeorgiadis, Panagiotis; Demopoulos, N. A.; Topinka, J.; Stephanou, G.; Stoikidou, M.; Bekyrou, M.; Katsouyianni, K.; Sram, R.; Autrup, H.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.
2002Erratum to “Biomarkers of genotoxicity of urban air pollution*1, , *2 Overview and descriptive data from a molecular epidemiology study on populations exposed to moderate-to-low levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: the AULIS project” [Mutat. Res. 496 (2001) 207–228]Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Georgiadis, Panagiotis; Autrup, H.; Demopoulos, N. A.; Farmer, P.; Haugen, A.; Katsouyanni, K.; Lambert, B.; Ovrebo, S.; Sram, R.; Stephanou, G.; Topinka, J.
Showing results 1 to 3 of 3


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