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2003VUV and low energy electron impact study of electronic state spectroscopy of CF3IMason, N. J.; Limao Vieira, P.; Eden, S.; Kendall, P.; Pathak, S.; Dawes, A.; Tennyson, J.; Tegeder, P.; Kitajima, M.; Okamoto, M.; Sunohara, K.; Tanaka, H.; Cho, H.; Samukawa, S.; Hoffmann, S. V.; Newnham, D.; Spyrou, S. M.
1985Rovibrational Spectrum of the Excited Potential-Energy Surface of He+H-2 (B 1-Sigma-U+)Farantos, S. C.; Tennyson, J.
1985Quantum and Classical Vibrational Chaos in Floppy MoleculesFarantos, S. C.; Tennyson, J.
1985Routes to Vibrational Chaos in Triatomic-MoleculesTennyson, J.; Farantos, S. C.
1984Vibrational Chaos in Kcn - a Comparison of Quantum and Classical CalculationsTennyson, J.; Farantos, S. C.
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5


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