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2011Design, recruitment, logistics, and data management of the GEHA (Genetics of Healthy Ageing) projectSkytthe, A.; Valensin, S.; Jeune, B.; Cevenini, E.; Balard, F.; Beekman, M.; Bezrukov, V.; Blanche, H.; Bolund, L.; Broczek, K.; Carru, C.; Christensen, K.; Christiansen, L.; Collerton, J. C.; Cotichini, R.; de Craen, A. J. M.; Dato, S.; Davies, K.; De Benedictis, G.; Deiana, L.; Flachsbart, F.; Gampe, J.; Gilbault, C.; Gonos, E. S.; Haimes, E.; Hervonen, A.; Hurme, M. A.; Janiszewska, D.; Jylha, M.; Kirkwood, T. B. L.; Kristensen, P.; Laiho, P.; Leon, A.; Marchisio, A.; Masciulli, R.; Nebel, A.; Passarino, G.; Pelicci, G.; Peltonen, L.; Perola, M.; Poulain, M.; Rea, I. M.; Remade, J.; Robine, J. M.; Schreiber, S.; Scurti, M.; Sevini, F.; Sikora, E.; Skouteri, A.; Slagboom, P. E.; Spazzafumo, L.; Stazi, M. A.; Toccaceli, V.; Toussaint, O.; Tornwall, O.; Vaupel, J. W.; Voutetakis, K.; Franceschi, C.
2002Overexpression of apolipoprotein J in human fibroblasts protects against cytotoxicity and premature senescence induced by ethanol and tert-butylhydroperoxideDumont, P.; Chainiaux, F.; Eliaers, F.; Petropoulou, C.; Remacle, J.; Koch-Brandt, C.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Toussaint, O.
2001Clusterin/apolipoprotein J is a novel biomarker of cellular senescence that does not affect the proliferative capacity of human diploid fibroblastsPetropoulou, C.; Trougakos, Ioannis P.; Kolettas, E.; Toussaint, O.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2000Induction of replicative senescence biomarkers by sublethal oxidative stresses in normal human fibroblastDumont, P.; Burton, M.; Chen, Q. M.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Frippiat, C.; Mazarati, J. B.; Eliaers, F.; Remacle, J.; Toussaint, O.
1999Long-term effects of sublethal oxidative stresses on the biomarkers of replicative senescenceToussaint, O.; Dumont, P.; Burton, M.; Frippiat, C.; Pascal, T.; Dierick, J. F.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Chen, Q. M.; Larsen, P. M.; Roepstorf, P.
1998Reciprocal relationships between the resistance to stresses and cellular agingToussaint, O.; Fuchs, S. Y.; Ronai, Z. A.; Isoyama, S.; Yuko, N.; Petronilli, V.; Bernardi, P.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Dumont, P.; Remacle, J.
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6


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