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2006Pilot phase III immunotherapy study in early-stage breast cancer patients using oxidized mannan-MUC1 [ISRCTN71711835]Apostolopoulos, V.; Pietersz, G. A.; Tsibanis, A.; Tsikkinis, A.; Drakaki, H.; Loveland, B. E.; Piddlesden, S. J.; Plebanski, M.; Pouniotis, D. S.; Alexis, Michael N.; McKenzie, I. F.; Vassilaros, S.
2002Frequent LOH at hMLH1, a highly variable SNP in hMSH3, and negligible coding instability in ovarian cancerArzimanoglou, II; Hansen, L. L.; Chong, D.; Li, Z.; Psaroudi, M. C.; Dimitrakakis, C.; Jacovina, A. T.; Shevchuk, M.; Reid, L.; Hajjar, K. A.; Vassilaros, S.; Michalas, S.; Gilbert, F.; Chervenak, F. A.; Barber, H. R. K.
1996TGF-beta 1 overexpression in breast cancer: Correlation with clinicopathological dataChristeli, E.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Kiaris, H.; Ergazaki, M.; Vassilaros, S.; Spandidos, D. A.
1992Expression of Ras Rb1-Protein and P53-Protein in Human Breast-CancerSpandidos, D. A.; Karaiossifidi, H.; Malliri, A.; Linardopoulos, S.; Vassilaros, S.; Tsikkinis, A.; Field, J. K.
1990Elevated Expression of Ap-1 Activity in Human Breast-Tumors as Compared to Normal Adjacent TissueLinardopoulos, S.; Malliri, A.; Pintzas, Alexander; Vassilaros, S.; Tsikkinis, A.; Spandidos, D. A.
1988Absence of Invitro Mutagenicity of the Fluid from Breast Cysts of Women with Macrocystic DiseaseArzimanoglou, II; Sekeris, Constantine E.; Vassilaros, S.
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