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2010Microemulsion-based organogels as matrices for lipase immobilizationZoumpanioti, Maria; Stamatis, Haralambos; Xenakis, Aristotelis
2010Immobilization and activity of Rhizomucor miehei lipase. Effect of the matrix properties prepared from nonionic fluorinated surfactantsMichaux, Florentin; Zoumpanioti, Maria; Papamentzelopoulou, Myrto; Stebe, Marie Jose; Blin, Jean Luc; Xenakis, Aristotelis
2010Esterification of phenolic acids catalyzed by lipases immobilized in organogelsZoumpanioti, M.; Merianou, E.; Karandreas, T.; Stamatis, H.; Xenakis, A.
2008Esterification reactions catalyzed by lipases immobilized in organogels: effect of temperature and substrate diffusionZoumpanioti, M.; Parmaklis, P.; Stamatis, H.; Sinisterra, J. V.; Xenakis, A.
2008Biocompatible microemulsions based on limonene: Formulation, structure, and applicationsPapadimitriou, Vassiliki; Pispas, Stergios; Syriou, Stauroula; Pournara, Anastasia; Zoumpanioti, Maria; Sotiroudis, Theodore G.; Xenakis, Aristotelis
2006Spectroscopic and catalytic studies of lipases in ternary hexane–1-propanol–water surfactantless microemulsion systemsZoumpanioti, Maria; Stamatis, Haralambos; Papadimitriou, Vassiliki; Xenakis, Aristotelis
2006Lipase biocatalytic processes in surfactant free microemulsion-like ternary systems and related organogelsZoumpanioti, M.; Karali, M.; Xenakis, A.; Stamatis, H.
2006Biocatalysis using lipase encapsulated in microemulsion-based organogels in supercritical carbon dioxideBlattner, Christian; Zoumpanioti, Maria; Kr¨oner, J¨urgen; Schmeer, Georg; Xenakis, Aristotelis; Kunz, Werner
2004Lecithin organogels as model carriers of pharmaceuticalsZoumpanioti, M.; Karavas, E.; Skopelitis, C.; Stamatis, H.; Xenakis, Aristotelis
2002Activity and Stability Studies Of Mucor miehei Lipase Immobilized in Novel Microemulsion-based OrganogelsDELIMITSOU, CHARIKLEIA; ZOUMPANIOTI, MARIA; XENAKIS, ARISTOTELIS; STAMATIS, HARALAMBOS
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