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2008Estrogen receptor a and beta in uterine fibroids: a basis for altered estrogen responsivenessBakas, Panagiotis; Liapis, Angelos; Vlahopoulos, Spiros; Giner, Maria; Logotheti, Stella; Creatsas, Georgios; Meligova, Aggeliki K.; Alexis, Michael N.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis
2008Ebenfurans IV-VIII from Onobrychis ebenoides: Evidence that C-Prenylation is the Key Determinant of the Cytotoxicity of 3-Formyl-2-arylbenzofuransHalabalaki, Maria; Alexi, Xanthippi; Aligiannis, Necktarios; Alexis, Michael N.; Skaltsounis, Alexios-Leandros
2008Expression of estrogen receptor B1 and B2 in hyperplastic and neoplastic breast diseaseChantzi, N.; Stylianidou, A.; Karaiossifidi, H.; Kittas, C.; Alexis, M.; Tiniakos, D.
2008Onobrychis species: a source of novel C-prenylated cytotoxic 3-formyl-2-arylbenzofuransHalabalaki, M.; Alexi, X.; Aligiannis, N.; Kalpoutzakis, E.; Alexis, M. N.; Skaltsounis, A. L.
2008Isolation of bioactive compounds from Genista halacsyi (Leguminosae) and evaluation of their estrogenic activityFokialakis, N.; Aligiannis, N.; Alexi, X.; Alexis, M. N.; Pratsinis, H.; Kalpoutzakis, E.; Skaltsounis, A. L.
2008Pharmacoproteomic and toxicoproteomic study of the natural product Ebenfuran III in DU-145 prostate cancer cells using iTRAQ with 2D LC and tandem mass spectrometryHalabalaki, M.; Roumeliotis, I. T.; Giannopoulou, E.; Alexi, X.; Meijer, L.; Alexis, M. N.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Garbis, D. S.
2008In vitro investigation of estrogenic activity of extracts and pure compounds obtained from the aerial parts of Glycyrrhiza glabraTsiripillou, P.; Alexi, X.; Aligiannis, N.; Alexis, M. N.; Mitaku, S.
2008Genome-wide location of glucocorticoid receptor binding sitesMitsiou, D.; McCalman, M.; Alexis, M.; Stunnenberg, H.
2008Effects of ErbB2/HER2 over-expression on breast cancer cell growth and on the regulation of the cyclin D1 and IEX-1 genes: implication for tamoxifen resistanceGouedard, C.; Vidali, Y. M.; Mitsiou, D. J.; Alexis, M. N.
2008Differential estrogen receptor modulators: assessment of estrogen receptor binding selectivity and transcriptional modulation biasAlexi, X.; Kasiotis, K. M.; Fokialakis, N.; Lambrinidis, G.; Meligova, A. K.; Mikros, E.; Haroutounian, S.; Alexis, M. N.
2007Design and synthesis of 1,2-dithiolane derivatives and evaluation of their neuroprotective activityKoufaki, Maria; Kiziridi, C.; Nikoloudaki, F.; Alexis, Michael N.
2007A novel quantitative flow cytometric method for measuring glucocorticoid receptor (GR) in cell lines: Correlation with the biochemical determination of GRVoutsas, I. F.; Gritzapis, A. D.; Alexis, Michael N.; Katsanou, E. S.; Perez, S.; Baxevanis, C. N.; Papamichail, M.
2007Cytotoxic effects of 2-arylbenzofuran phytoestrogens on human cancer cells: Modulation by adrenal and gonadal steroidsKatsanou, E. S.; Halabalaki, M.; Aligiannis, N.; Mitakou, S.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Alexi, X.; Pratsinis, H.; Alexis, Michael N.
2007Engineered chimeric enzymes as tools for drug discovery: Generating reliable bacterial screens for the detection, discovery, and assessment of estrogen receptor modulatorsSkretas, G.; Meligova, A. K.; Villalonga-Barber, Carolina; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Alexis, Michael N.; Micha-Screttas, M.; Steele, Barry R.; Screttas, C. G.; Wood, D. W.
2006Pilot phase III immunotherapy study in early-stage breast cancer patients using oxidized mannan-MUC1 [ISRCTN71711835]Apostolopoulos, V.; Pietersz, G. A.; Tsibanis, A.; Tsikkinis, A.; Drakaki, H.; Loveland, B. E.; Piddlesden, S. J.; Plebanski, M.; Pouniotis, D. S.; Alexis, Michael N.; McKenzie, I. F.; Vassilaros, S.
2006Estrogenic activity of isoflavonoids from Onobrychis ebenoidesHalabalaki, M.; Alexi, X.; Aligiannis, N.; Lambrinidis, G.; Pratsinis, H.; Florentin, I.; Mitakou, S.; Mikros, E.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Alexis, Michael N.
2006Chroman/catechol hybrids: Synthesis and evaluation of their activity against oxidative stress induced cellular damageKoufaki, Maria; Theodorou, E.; Galaris, D.; Nousis, L.; Katsanou, E. S.; Alexis, Michael N.
2006Microarray analysis of the differential transformation mediated by Kirsten and Harvey Ras oncogenes in a human colorectal adenocarcinoma cell lineRoberts, M. L.; Drosopoulos, K. G.; Vasileiou, L.; Stricker, M.; Taoufik, E.; Maercker, C.; Guialis, Apostolia; Alexis, Michael N.; Pintzas, Alexander
2006High affinity 17 alpha-substituted estradiol derivatives: Synthesis and evaluation of estrogen receptor agonist activityKasiotis, K. M.; Mendorou, C.; Haroutounian, S. A.; Alexis, Michael N.
2006The estrogen receptor and polyphenols: molecular simulation studies of their interactions, a reviewLambrinidis, G.; Halabalaki, M.; Katsanou, E. S.; Skaltsounis, A. L.; Alexis, Michael N.; Mikros, E.
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