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2008The effect of Au nanoclusters in tin oxide film gas sensorsMousdis, George A.; Kompitsas, Michael G.; Fasaki, I.; Suchea, M.; Kiriakidis, G.
2007Fluorescence and anisotropy dynamics of a -CHO substituted terthiopheneAnestopoulos, D.; Fakis, M.; Mousdis, George A.; Giannetas, V.; Persephonis, P.
2007Rapid synchronous fluorescence method for virgin olive oil adulteration assessmentPoulli, K. I.; Mousdis, George A.; Georgiou, C. A.
2007New pi-electron donor (1,4-thioxane-2,3-diyldithio) ethylenedithiotetrathiafulvalene (ETOEDT-EDT-TTF) and its derivatives. Synthesis and characterizationBarszcz, B.; Graja, A.; Soras, G.; Psaroudakis, N.; Mousdis, George A.
2006NiCl2/SiO2 sol-gel material for ammonia sensingTsigara, Anna; Madamopoulos, Nicholas; Hands, Mike; Athanasekos, Loukas; Meristoudi, Anastasia; Mousdis, George; Manasis, Giannis; Vainos, Nikos; Koutselas, Ioannis
2006Localization of triplet excitons and biexcitons in the two-dimensional semiconductor (CH3C6H4CH2NH3)(2)PbBr4Goto, T.; Makino, H.; Yao, T.; Chia, C. H.; Makino, T.; Segawa, Y.; Mousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.
2006Synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy for quantitative determination of virgin olive oil adulteration with sunflower oilPoulli, K. I.; Mousdis, George A.; Georgiou, C. A.
2005Structure and conductivity of unsymmetrical pi-donor ethylenedithiodithiadiselenafulvalene iodomercurate (EDT-DTDSF)(4)Hg3I8Zhilyaeva, E. I.; Kovalevskyi, A. Y.; Torunova, S. A.; Mousdis, George A.; Lyubovskii, R. B.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Coppens, P.; Lyubovskaya, R. N.
2005Pressure-induced low resistive and insulating phases in tau-(EDO-R, R-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuI2)(1+y)Li, L.; Yoshino, H.; Nakanishi, T.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Mousdis, George A.; Sakaki, T.; Murata, K.
2005Classification of edible and lampante virgin olive oil based on synchronous fluorescence and total luminescence spectroscopyPoulli, K. I.; Mousdis, George A.; Georgiou, C. A.
2005Cobalt chloride based nanocomposite humidity sensorsManasis, G.; Tsigara, A.; Giannoudakos, A.; Anyfantis, G.; Gatsouli, K.; Mousdis, George A.; Pispas, Stergios; Madamopoulos, N.; Vainos, Nikolaos A.
2005Nonlinear optical properties of fullerene-organic glassy polymer compositesGatsouli, K.; Pispas, Stergios; Mousdis, George A.; Vainos, Nikolaos A.; Aloukos, P.; Xenogiannopoulou, E.; Couris, S.
2005Induced absorption and spontaneous emission due to biexciton in two-dimensional semiconductor (CH3C6H4CH2NH3)(2)PbBr4 single crystalMakino, H.; Goto, T.; Yao, T.; Mousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.
2005Hybrid materials based on CdS and CdSe nanoparticles in glassy block copolymersGatsouli, K. D.; Pispas, Stergios; Mousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Kamitsos, E. I.
2005Magnetization, thermoelectric, and pressure studies of the magnetic-field-induced metal-insulator transition in tau-phase organic conductorsGraf, D.; Choi, E. S.; Brooks, J. S.; Harrison, N.; Murata, K.; Konoike, T.; Mousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.
2005Time-resolved spectroscopy of oligothiophenes using the femtosecond fluorescence upconversion techniqueAnestopoulos, D.; Fakis, M.; Polyzos, I.; Tsigaridas, G.; Mousdis, George A.; Persephonis, P.; Giannetas, V.
2004Metal/metal-oxide/metal etalon structures grown by pulsed laser depositionVainos, Nikolaos A.; Tsigara, A.; Manasis, J.; Giannoudakos, A.; Mousdis, George A.; Vakakis, N.; Kompitsas, Michael G.; Klini, A.; Roubani-Kalantzopoulou, F.
2004New donor molecules, precursors of conducting saltsPapavassiliou, George C.; Mousdis, George A.; Terzis, A.; Paptopoulou, C.; Murata, K.; Li, L.; Yoshino, H.
2004Synthesis of some new electron pi-donors containing methoxy groupsMousdis, George A.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Psaroudakis, N.; Anyfantis, G. C.
2004Some new findings in tau-phase organic conductorsPapavassiliou, George C.; Mousdis, George A.; Anyfantis, G. C.; Murata, K.; Nakanishi, T.; Li, L.; Yoshino, H.; Tajima, H.; Inoue, M.; Konoike, T.; Brooks, J. S.; Choi, E. S.; Graf, D.
Showing results 21 to 40 of 96


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