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2005Stabilization and relative phase effects in a dichromatically driven diatomic Morse molecule: Interpretation based on nonlinear classical dynamicsConstantoudis, V.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2005Shape resonances as poles of the semiclassical Green's function obtained from path-integral theory: Application to the autodissociation of the He-2(++) (1)Sigma(+)(g) stateNicolaides, Cleanthes A.; Douvropoulos, T. G.
2004Effects of configuration interaction on photoabsorption spectra in the continuumKomninos, Yannis; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2004Structural, compositional and acidic characteristics of nanosized amorphous or partially crystalline ZSM-5 zeolite-based materialsTriantafyllidis, K. S.; Nalbandian, L.; Trikalitis, P. N.; Ladavos, A. K.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2004Theory and computation of the attosecond dynamics of pairs of electrons excited by high-frequency short light pulsesMercouris, Theodoros D.; Komninos, Yannis; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2004Nonexponential decay propagator and its differential equation for real and complex energy distributions of unstable statesDouvropoulos, T. G.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2004Quantum defect theory for Coulomb and other potentials in the framework of configuration interaction and implementation to the calculation of D-2 and F-2(o) perturbed spectra of AlKomninos, Yannis; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2003Solution of the many-electron many-photon problem for strong fields: Application to Li- in one- and two-color laser fieldsMercouris, Theodoros D.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2003Calculation of n=3 intrashell resonance states of He- and of isoelectronic atomsPiangos, N. A.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2003Tunneling dissociation from a double well via path integralsDouvropoulos, T. G.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2003Aspects of the theory and computation of resonances, with applications to field-free and field-dressed atomic statesNicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Physical constraints on nonstationary states and nonexponential decayNicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Theoretical resolution of the H- resonance spectrum up to the n=5 threshold: States of P-3(o) symmetryBylicki, M.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Time-dependent tunnelling via path integrals. Connection to results of the quantum mechanics of decaying statesDouvropoulos, T. G.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Time asymmetry, nonexponential decay,and complex eigenvalues in the theory and computation of resonance statesNicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Degrees of validity of models for the description of doubly excited states of H- and HeNicolaides, Cleanthes A.; Themelis, S. I.; Komninos, Yannis
2002Stationarity coefficients and short-time deviations from exponential decay in atomic resonance statesMercouris, Theodoros D.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Attosecond dynamics of electron correlation in doubly excited atomic statesNicolaides, Cleanthes A.; Mercouris, Theodoros D.; Komninos, Yannis
2002Properties of doubly excited states of H- and He associated with the manifolds from N=6 up to N=25Themelis, S. I.; Komninos, Yannis; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Theory and computation of the matrix elements of the full interaction of the electromagnetic field with an atomic state: Application to the Rydberg and the continuous spectrumKomninos, Yannis; Mercouris, Theodoros D.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
Showing results 21 to 40 of 273


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