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2000Hydration shell structure of the OH-(H2O)(n=1-15) clusters from a model potential energy functionVegiri, Aliki; Shevkunov, S. V.
1999Examination of the structural poperties of the H3O+(H2O)n clusters in the (?PT) Grand Canonical ensemble, by employing a new many-body potential-energy functionShevkunov, S. V.; Vegiri, Aliki
1998Device parameter optimization of strained Si channel SiGe/Si n-MODFET's using a one-dimensional charge control modelHalkias, G.; Vegiri, Aliki
1998Theoretical investigation of metastable hydrogen de-excitation in collisions with He and NeVegiri, Aliki
1996On the rovibrational spectra of the excimer HeH and its isotopes. A multistate close-coupling treatmentVegiri, Aliki
1995Predissociation of the a-2sigma(+), C-2-Sigma(+) and D-2-Sigma(+) Levels of (Heh)-He-4 from a Multistate Close-Coupling Scattering ApproachVegiri, Aliki; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
Showing results 21 to 26 of 26


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