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2008Synthetic spiro-neurosteroid analogs exerting plasma membrane receptor mediated neuroprotective effects in vitroMinas, V.; Vergou, V.; Avlonitis, N.; Charalampopoulos, I.; Calogeropoulou, T.; Gravanis, A.
2008Specific interactions of TAFs with AP-1 components in the regulation of target genes during RAS transformationKalogeropoulou, M.; Voulgari, A.; Sandaltzopoulos, R.; Dikstein, R.; Davidson, I.; Tora, L.; Pintzas, A.
2008Altered expression of p53 ubiquitin ligases in human senescenceSisoula, C.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Multiple levels of clusterin regulation following proteasome and lysosome inhibitionBalantinou, E.; Trougakos, I. P.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Clusterin binds to the cytoplasmic Ku70-Bax nexus and suppresses Bax activation and relocation to mitochondriaTrougakos, I. P.; Lourda, M.; Antonelou, M. M.; Kletsas, D.; Gorgoulis, V. G.; Papassideri, I. S.; Zou, Y.; Margaritis, L. H.; Boothman, D. A.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Partial proteasome inhibition triggers p53-dependent premature senescenceChondrogianni, N.; Trougakos, I. P.; Kletsas, D.; Gonos, E. S.
2008Identification of differentially expressed genes in BRAF and RAS mutant cell lines using illumina microarray analysisJoyce, T.; Medico, E.; Cantarella, D.; Oikonomou, E.; Makrodouli, E.; Pintzas, A.
2008Oncogenic RAS protein drives covalent modifications in histone H3 that contribute to colorectal tumor progressionPelaez, I. Mazon; Pintzas, A.
2008Interactive partners and molecular characteristics of the mammalian hnRNP A3 proteinBoukakis, G.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Papadopoulou, C.; Guialis, A.
2008Association of members of the hnRNP protein family with HuR in nuclear and cytoplasmic extracts of mammalian cellsPapadopoulou, C.; Patrinou-Georgoula, M.; Kontoyiannis, D. L.; Guialis, A.
2008Differential estrogen receptor modulators: assessment of estrogen receptor binding selectivity and transcriptional modulation biasAlexi, X.; Kasiotis, K. M.; Fokialakis, N.; Lambrinidis, G.; Meligova, A. K.; Mikros, E.; Haroutounian, S.; Alexis, M. N.
2008Identification of natural compounds that promote proteasome activation and induce lifespan extensionKapeta, S.; Chondrogianni, N.; Gonos, E. S.
2008The TFIID-member TAF12 is implicated in the reduction of E-cadherin expression, whereas the AP1-factor FRA-1 in the increase of vimentin expression during epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in cancerVoulgari, A.; Andreolas, C.; Kalogeropoulou, M.; Voskou, S.; Tora, L.; Davidson, I.; Pintzas, A.
2008BRAF V600E coffers complete tumourigenic transformation in colon cells contrary to its upstream activator KRAS G12VMakrodouli, E.; Oikonomou, E.; Pintzas, A.
2007Phosphate specific transporter system (PSTS) in Thermus thermophilus involves a DING phosphatasePantazaki, A. A.; Tsolkas, G. P.; Kyriakidis, D.A.
2002A molecular basis explanation of the dynamic and thermal effects of vinblastine sulfate upon dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer membranesMaswadeh, H.; Demetzos, C.; Daliani, I.; Kyrikou, I.; Tsortos, A.; Nounesis, G.
2002Activity and Stability Studies Of Mucor miehei Lipase Immobilized in Novel Microemulsion-based OrganogelsDELIMITSOU, CHARIKLEIA; ZOUMPANIOTI, MARIA; XENAKIS, ARISTOTELIS; STAMATIS, HARALAMBOS
1993Derivatives of 4-amino-3,6-disulfonato-1,8-naphthalimide inhibit reverse transcriptase and suppress human and feline immunodeficiency virus expression in cultured cellsRideout, Darryl; Schinazi, Raymond; Pauza, C. David; Lovelace, Kathleen; Chiang, Lin-Chang; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; McCarthy, Michael; Elder, John N.
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