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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2004Gavriil Seviros, arcivescovo di Filadelfia a Venezia, e la sua epoca: atti della Giornata di studio dedicata alla memoria di Manussos Manussacas, Venezia, 26 settembre 2003-
1996Geminii und Claudii: die geschichte zweier führender familien von Thessaloniki in der Späteren kaiserzeitNigdelis, Pantelis
2004Gender-dependent alterations in corticosteroid receptor status and spatial performance following 21 days of restraint stressKitraki, E.; Kremmyda, O.; Youlatos, D.; Alexis, Michael N.; Kittas, C.
2019Gender equality in the European Research ERA (ERA): Key findings from the GenderAction benchmarking exerciseWroblewski, Angela
2009Gene ARMADA: an integrated multi-analysis platform for microarray data implemented in MATLABChatziioannou, Aristotelis; Moulos, Panagiotis; Kolisis, Fragiskos N.
2010Gene Expression Profile Associated with Oncogenic Ras-induced Senescence, Cell Death, and Transforming Properties in Human CellsMoumtzi, Sophy S.; Roberts, Michael L.; Joyce, Tobias; Evangelidou, Maria; Probert, Lesley; Frillingos, Stathis; Fotsis, Theodore; Pintzas, Alexander
2016General Copernicus IntroductionLukaszczyk, Agnieszka
2005Generalization of Laguerre orbitals toward an accurate, concise and practical analytic atomic wave functionXiong, Z.; Bacalis, Naoum C.
1984Generalized Oscillator-Strengths and Photoionization of Alkali-Metal AtomsTiwary, S. N.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
1993Generation of Diatomic Diabatic States by a General Multistate RotationMetropoulos, Aristophanes
2005Generation of the C2H3O+ ion in reactions of O(P-3) with 2-butyneMetropoulos, Aristophanes
2009A generic procedure for determining atomic LS spectral terms and their LS eigenfunctionsZhuang, Xiong; Bacalis, N. C.
2006Genes, ageing and longevity in humans: Problems, advantages and perspectivesSalvioli, S.; Olivieri, F.; Marchegiani, F.; Cardelli, M.; Santoro, A.; Bellavista, E.; Mishto, M.; Invidia, L.; Capri, M.; Valensin, S.; Sevini, F.; Cevenini, E.; Celani, L.; Lescai, F.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Caruso, C.; Paolisso, G.; De Benedictis, G.; Monti, D.
2003Gene-specific formation and repair of DNA monoadducts and interstrand cross-links after therapeutic exposure to nitrogen mustardsSouliotis, Vassilis L.; Dimopoulos, M. A.; Sfikakis, P. P.
2005Genetically modified foods: The effect of informationBatrinou, A. M.; Dimitriou, E.; Liatsos, D.; Pletsa, Vassiliki
2008Genetic polymorphism of blood coagulation factor IX gene in Greek patients with thrombophiliaIskas, M.S.; Papi, R.M.; Mimikakou, G.E.; Makris, P.E.; Kyriakidis, D.A.
2000Genetics of aging: lessons from centenariansGonos, Efstathios S.
2007Genetics of healthy aging in Europe: The EU-integrated project GEHA (GEnetics of Healthy Aging)Franceschi, C.; Bezrukov, V.; Blanche, H.; Bolund, L.; Christensen, K.; De Benedictis, G.; Deiana, L.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Hervonen, A.; Yang, H.; Jeune, B.; Kirkwood, T. B. L.; Kristensen, P.; Leon, A.; Pelicci, P. G.; Peltonen, L.; Poulain, M.; Rea, I. M.
2006Genetic variation of natural populations of forest tree species Fraxinus angustifolia by the use of molecular markersPapi, R.M.; Spanos, K.A.; Kyriakidis, D.A.
2008Genome-wide location of glucocorticoid receptor binding sitesMitsiou, D.; McCalman, M.; Alexis, M.; Stunnenberg, H.
Showing results 1636 to 1655 of 8340


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