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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2008Isolation of bioactive compounds from Genista halacsyi (Leguminosae) and evaluation of their estrogenic activityFokialakis, N.; Aligiannis, N.; Alexi, X.; Alexis, M. N.; Pratsinis, H.; Kalpoutzakis, E.; Skaltsounis, A. L.
1996Isotherms of phosphate sorption by hematite and bentonite-hematite (b-h) systemIoannou, A.; Dimirkou, A.; Mavromoustakos, Thomas
2011Isoxazole substituted chromans against oxidative stress-induced neuronal damageKoufaki, Maria; Tsatsaroni, Alexandra; Alexi, Xanthippi; Guerrand, Helene; Zerva, Sofia; Alexis, Michael N.
1993Is Protein-Phosphorylation a Control Mechanism for the Degradation of Caseins by Lactic-Acid Bacteria - the Detection of an Extracellular Acid-Phosphatase-ActivityKyriakidis, S. M.; Sakellaris, George; Sotiroudis, Theodore G.
2014Issues in the development of open access to research dataWessels, Bridgette; Finn, Rachel L.; Linde, Peter; Mazzetti, Paolo; Nativi, Stefano; Riley, Susan; Smallwood, Rod; Taylor, Mark J.; Tsoukala, Victoria; Wadhwa, Kush; Wyatt, Sally
2015Is the current Western Dialogue between Science and Theology relevant to Orthodox Christianity?Knight, Christopher C.
2005Is the resistance upturn around 50 K related to the Fermi surface area in tau-(EDO-R, R-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuBr2)(1+y)?Nakanishi, T.; Li, L.; Yoshino, H.; Yasuzuka, S.; Graf, D.; Choi, E. S.; Brooks, J. S.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Murata, K.
2006Is the two dimensional organic Conductor, iota-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)(2)(AuCl2)(1+y) clean or dirty?Nakanishi, T.; Yasuzuka, S.; Teramura, M.; Li, L.; Fujimoto, T.; Sasaki, T.; Konoike, T.; Terashima, T.; Uji, S.; Nogami, Y.; Anyfantis, G. C.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Murata, K.
1999Iterative evaluation of the path integral for a system coupled to an anharmonic bathMakri, N.
2014The ITN project “EDUSAFE”Σουκούλια, Αμάντα
1999J. Covel, Voyages en Turquie 1675-1677. Σχολιασμός χωριού με αποκλειστικότητα στην αμπελοκαλλιέργεια και οινοκατανάλωση στο Καραγάτσι Ανδριανούπολης.Ασδραχάς, Σπύρος
1985Jeremy Bentham and Adamantios KoraisKitromilides, Paschalis M.
2015The Jesiuts religious factors of the Chinese calendars in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)Dalong, Lu
2009JISC project Ready for the Research Excellence Framework (R4R): an outlineGrace, Stephen
2009JISC project Ready for the Research Excellence Framework: The IR contextCarr, Leslie
2004JNK: A key modulator of intracellular signalingVlahopoulos, S.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis
2002JNK and ERK signaling pathways in multistage mouse carcinogenesis: studies in the inhibition of signaling cascades as a means to understand their in vivo biological roleKatsanakis, K. D.; Owen, C.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis
2006John Covel, Περιήγηση… 1675-1677.Ασδραχάς, Σπύρος
1994John Locke and the Greek intellectual tradition: an episode in Locke's reception in South - East EuropeKitromilides, Paschalis M.
2014Joint programming initiative urban Europe - the contribution of transnational research and innovation cooperation on urban developmentNoll, Margit
Showing results 2120 to 2139 of 8342


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