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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
1996Roman Corinth: the formation of a colonial eliteSpawforth, Antony J.S.
2008Roman Names in the Cyclades. Part IMendoni, Lina; Zoumbaki, Sophia
1996Roman onomastics in the Greek East: social and political aspects: Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Roman Onomastics Athens, 7-9 September 1993-
2010Roman Peloponnese III : Society, Economy and Culture under the Roman Empire: Continuity and Innovation-
2004Roman Peloponnese II: roman personal names in their social context (Laconia and Messenia)Lepenioti, Claudia; Zoumpaki, Sofia; Rizakis, Athanassios D.
2001Roman Peloponnese I: roman personal names in their social context (Achaia, Arcadia, Argolis, Corinthia and Eleia )Rizakis, Athanassios D.; Zoumpaki, Sofia
2006The roman presence in Macedonia: evidence from personal namesTataki, Argyro B.
2009Roman provincial coinageKremydi - Sicilianou, Sophia
2009Roman trading and traders across the Ionian and Adriatic sea. The evidence from settlements and coins.Papageorgiadou, Charikleia
1999Rosen für die Toten im griechischen Raum und eine neue Rhodismos - Inschrift aus BithynienKokkinia, Christina
1984Rotational Energy-Transfer in the He-N-2 Collision SystemMetropoulos, Aristophanes
1984Rotationally Inelastic-Collisions of Lih with He - Quasiclassical Dynamics of Atom-Rigid Rotor TrajectoriesMetropoulos, Aristophanes; Silver, D. M.
1986Rotational Rainbow Curves of the He-Lih and He-N2 Collision SystemsMetropoulos, Aristophanes
1982Rotational Vibrational Symmetry Correlations in Molecular-Collisions - the A3(C2v)+a-]A2+A2systemMetropoulos, Aristophanes
2018Round Table at the "Elixir-Greece" ConferenceSavakis, Babis; Blomberg, Niklas; Vondrasek, Jiri; Durinx, Christine; Pavlopoulos, Georgios; Kotoulas, Georgios
2018Round Table during the Conference "Orthodox Christianity and the Reassessment of Scientific Knowledge"Brooke, John Hedley; Costache, Doru; Knight, Christopher; Yerxa, Donald
2019Round Table: Moving forward with gender equality in the European Research Area - Chalenges and opportuniesMaes, Katrien; Loukidou, Katerina; Chrobak-Tatara, Magdalena
2014Roundtable session: IPRs at crossroads?Caloghirou, Yannis; Nuvolari, Alessandro; Dutfield, Graham; Griset, Pascal; Papakonstantinou, Vaggelis; Kolympiris, Christos; Karounos, Theodoros
2014Roundtable session: New histories of intellectual ‘property’ in Techno-sciences: A discussion on two booksGooday, Graeme; Dutfield, Graham; Guagnini, Anna; Gavroglu, Kostas; Nuvolari, Alessandro; Arapostathis, Stathis
2010Routes et logements des voyageurs dans la region de la Thrace (XVIe-XIXe siècles)Vingopoulou, Ioli
Showing results 3556 to 3575 of 8385


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