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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2001The British offer of Cyprus to Greece (1925)Kitromilides, PM
2009British School at Athens research on Byzantine AtticaDrakopoulou, Eugenia
1995British travellers in Greece 1750 - 1820: exhibition catalogue, 25 May - 30 July-
2003Broadband absorption and ab initio results on the CF C-2 Sigma(+)-X-2 Pi systemLuque, J.; Hudson, E. A.; Booth, J. P.; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.
2008The broad-spectrum caspase inhibitor Boc-Asp-CMK induces cell death in human leukaemia cellsFrydrych, Ivo; Mlejnek, Petr; Dolezel, Petr; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Krumpochova, Petra
2012The bronze coinage of LychnidosKremydi, Sophia
1991The bronze coinage of the Achaian League: the mints of Achaia and ElisThompson, Cargill; Warren, Jeniffer A.W.
2007Building a Europe of knowledge: towards the seventh framework programme 2007 - 2013-
2011Building an open source based, open standards, infrastructure for the large scale provisioning of reusable open contentStathopoulos, Panagiotis; Houssos, Nikos; Stavrou, George; Sachini, Evi; Stathopoulou, I.O.; Soumplis, Alexandros; Stamatis, Konstantinos
2018Building Energy Efficiency: Research & Innovation WorkshopMalamou, Anna; Bardaki, Cleopatra; Carali, Dora; Orfanou, Faie; Fotopoulou, Eleni; Leligou, Neli; Tsitsanis, Tasos; Caraitidi, Christina; Rosselli, Antonio; Marinakis, Vangelis; Baradat, Jean-Luc
2013Building your Dreams in Europe: What Does an EU Techshop Mean?Duggan, Paul
2013Build it open, Share it to scale, Create for the futureΜανιάτης, Νικόλαος
2010Bulky DNA Adducts in White Blood Cells: A Pooled Analysis of 3,600 SubjectsRicceri, Fulvio; Godschalk, Roger W.; Peluso, Marco; Phillips, David H.; Agudo, Antonio; Georgiadis, Panagiotis; Loft, Steffen; Tjonneland, Anne; Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole; Palli, Domenico; Perera, Frederica; Vermeulen, Roel; Taioli, Emanuela; Sram, Radim J.; Munnia, Armelle; Rosa, Fabio; Allione, Alessandra; Matullo, Giuseppe; Vineis, Paolo
2008The Burial of the Dead (at Vergina) or the Unending Controversy on the Identity of the Occupants of Tomb IIHatzopoulos, Miltiades B
2018Business models – for EE long term user engagementMalamou, Anna
2011Byzantine-Avar Relations After 626 and the Possible Channels of CommunicationKardaras, Georgios
2007Byzantine diplomacy: a seminarLampakis, Stylianos; Leontsini, Maria; Lounghis, Telemachos; Vlysidou, Vasiliki
2006The Byzantine-Αvar cooperation against the Slavs (578)Kardaras, Georgios
1986Byzantinische Bleisiegel in Berlin (West)Speck,Paul
Showing results 411 to 430 of 8341


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