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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2017Democracy Demagoguery and Plato: [Φθινοπωρινές Διαλέξεις στις Κλασσικές Σπουδές]Hobbs, Angie
2017Democracy Demagoguery and Plato: [Φθινοπωρινές Διαλέξεις στις Κλασσικές Σπουδές]Hobbs, Angie
2008Dendrimers as biopharmaceuticals: Synthesis and propertiesVillalonga-Barber, Carolina; Micha-Screttas, Maria; Steele, Barry R.; Georgopoulos, Aristidis; Demetzos, Costas
2009Density-matrix-power functional: Performance for finite systems and the homogeneous electron gasLathiotakis, N. N.; Sharma, S.; Dewhurst, J. K.; Eich, F. G.; Marques, M. A. L.; Gross, E. K. U.
2001Density of alkali germanate glasses related to structureYiannopoulos, Y. D.; Varsamis, Cristos-Platon E.; Kamitsos, E. I.
1991A Deo conservandum imperiale obsequium: some notes concerning Byzantine field troops during the Dark AgesΛουγγής, Τηλέμαχος
2004Dependence of sodium borate glass structure on depth from the sample surfaceMachowski, P. M.; Varsamis, Cristos-Platon E.; Kamitsos, E. I.
2004Deposition of particulate-free thin films by two synchronised laser sources: effects of ambient gas pressure and laser fluenceGyorgy, E.; Mihailescu, I. N.; Kompitsas, Michael G.; Giannoudakos, A.
2001Deregulated expression of c-mos in non-small cell lung carcinomas: Relationship with p53 status, genomic instability, and tumor kineticsGorgoulis, V. G.; Zacharatos, P.; Mariatos, G.; Liloglou, T.; Kokotas, S.; Kastrinakis, N.; Kotsinas, A.; Athanasiou, A.; Foukas, P.; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Kletsas, D.; Ikonomopoulos, J.; Asimacopoulos, P. J.; Kittas, C.; Field, J. K.
2010Deregulated expression of hnRNP A/B proteins in human non-small cell lung cancer: parallel assessment of protein and mRNA levels in paired tumour/non-tumour tissuesBoukakis, Georgios; Patrinou-Georgoula, Meropi; Lekarakou, Maria; Valavanis, Christos; Guialis, Apostolia
2007Deregulated overexpression of hCdt1 and hCdc6 promotes malignant behaviorLiontos, Michalis; Koutsami, Marilena; Sideridou, Maria; Evangelou, Konstantinos; Kletsas, Dimitris; Levy, Brynn; Kotsinas, Athanassios; Nahum, Odelia; Zoumpourlis, Vassilis; Kouloukoussa, Mirsini; Lygerou, Zoi; Taraviras, Stavros; Kittas, Christos; Bartkova, Jirina; Papavassiliou, Athanasios G.; Bartek, Jiri; Halazonetis, Thanos D.; Gorgoulis, Vassilis G.
1993Derivatives of 4-amino-3,6-disulfonato-1,8-naphthalimide inhibit reverse transcriptase and suppress human and feline immunodeficiency virus expression in cultured cellsRideout, Darryl; Schinazi, Raymond; Pauza, C. David; Lovelace, Kathleen; Chiang, Lin-Chang; Calogeropoulou, Theodora; McCarthy, Michael; Elder, John N.
1990Der makedonische schild als propagandistisches mittel in der hellenistischen zeitLiampi, Katerini
2010DESCRIPTION OF DIETARY INTAKES OF ACRYLAMIDE IN THE BORN IN BRADFORD BIRTH COHORT STUDYHepworth, S. J.; Fraser, L. K.; Petherick, E.; Burley, V. J.; Cade, J.; de Kok, T.; van Breda, S.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Botsivali, M.; Kleinjans, J.; McKinney, P. A.
2004Description of the chemical reaction path in the HCO molecule: a combined configuration interaction and tight-binding approachBacalis, Naoum C.; Metropoulos, Aristophanes; Papaconstantopoulos, D.A.
2005Description of the lowest-energy surface of the CH+O system: Interpolation of ab initio configuration-interaction total energies by a tight-binding HamiltonianBacalis, Naoum C.; Metropoulos, Aristophanes; Papaconstantopoulos, D. A.
1990Des dialectes à la Koiné: l'exemple de la ChalcidiquePanayotou, Anna
2017Design and development of multi-walled carbon nanotube-liposome drug delivery platformsPippa, Natassa; Chronopoulos, Demetrios D.; Stellas, Dimitris; Fernández-Pacheco, Rodrigo; Arenal, Raul; Demetzos, Costas; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2007Design and synthesis of 1,2-dithiolane derivatives and evaluation of their neuroprotective activityKoufaki, Maria; Kiziridi, C.; Nikoloudaki, F.; Alexis, Michael N.
2010Design and Synthesis of (13S)-Methyl-Substituted Arachidonic Acid Analogues: Templates for Novel EndocannabinoidsPapahatjis, Demetris P.; Nahmias, Victoria R.; Nikas, Spyros P.; Schimpgen, Marion; Makriyannis, Alexandros
Showing results 840 to 859 of 8340


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