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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2002Aberrant expression of the costimulatory molecule CD40 ligand on monocytes from patients with systemic lupus erythematosusKatsiari, C. G.; Liossis, S. N. C.; Souliotis, Vassilis L.; Dimopoulos, A. M.; Manoussakis, M. N.; Sfikakis, P. P.
2008Ab initio calculation of time-dependent control dynamics in polyelectronic systems involving bound and resonance states: Application to a quartet spectrum of He(-)Komninos, Yannis; Mercouris, Theodoros; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2002Ab initio calculations on electronic states of CaOHTheodorakopoulos, Giannoula; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.; Liebermann, H. P.; Buenker, R. J.; Koput, J.
1999Ab initio calculations on the ground and excited states of BeOH and MgOHTheodorakopoulos, Giannoula; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.; Hamilton, I. P.
1997Ab initio configuration interaction calculations of the predissociation of rovibrational levels of the C 3IIg and d 1IIg 3s? Rydberg states of the oxyqen moleculeLi, Y.; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.; Liebermann, H. P.; Hirsch, G.; Buenker, R. J.
2003Ab initio investigation of the ground state properties of PO, PO+, and POMetropoulos, Aristophanes; Papakondylis, A.; Mavridis, A.
1998An ab initio potential energy surface and spectroscopic constants for the X-1 Sigma(+)(g) state of NO2+Theodorakopoulos, Giannoula; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.; Child, M. S.
2002The ab initio potential energy surface and vibrational-rotational energy levels of X-2 Sigma(+) MgOHKoput, J.; Carter, S.; Peterson, K. A.; Theodorakopoulos, Giannoula
2002Ab initio spin-orbit CI calculations of the potential curves and radiative lifetimes of low-lying states of lead monofluorideDas, K. K.; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.; Liebermann, H. P.; Alekseyev, A. B.; Buenker, R. J.
2004An ab initio study of the ground states of the vinoxy radical and of its ionMetropoulos, Aristophanes
1993Abnormalities of Retinoblastoma Gene Structure in Human Lung-TumorsLinardopoulos, S.; Gonos, Efstathios S.; Spandidos, D. A.
1993Above and Below Threshold Multiphoton Dissociation of Volcanic Ground-States - Application to Beh2+Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.; Mercouris, Theodoros D.; Petsalakis, Ioannis D.
1991Above-Threshold Ionization in the Presence of a Dc Field - Application to HMercouris, Theodoros D.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
1988Absence of Invitro Mutagenicity of the Fluid from Breast Cysts of Women with Macrocystic DiseaseArzimanoglou, II; Sekeris, Constantine E.; Vassilaros, S.
1982Absence of Mutagenic and Clastogenic Action of Pine-Tar Resin in the Salmonella Microsomal and Cho Culture SystemsAthanasiou, K.; Lillis, D.
2000Absorbance and outgasing of photoresist polymeric materials for UV lithography below 193 nm including 157 nm lithographyCefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Gogolides, E.; Argitis, P.
2005Absorption spectrum in a three-level atom with injected squeezed vacuum: ladder caseHadjiagapiou, S. A.; Spyrou, S. M.
2010ABSTRACTS OF THE 3rd SWEDISH-HELLENIC LIFE SCIENCES RESEARCH CONFERENCE Athens, March 25-27, 2010 PrefaceKolisis, Fragiskos; Venizelos, Nikolaos
2008Acceptability of genetically modified maize by young peopleBatrinou, Anthimia M.; Spiliotis, Vassilis; Sakellaris, George
2010Access IT e-learning courses - overview of an educational offering dedicated for small memory institutionsDudczak, Adam
Showing results 89 to 108 of 8398


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