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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
1989Das Neolithikum und das Chalkolithikum im Nordgriechischen RaumAslanis, Ioannis
2004Das späte Neolithikum und das beginnende Chalkolithikum in Westmakedonien, Griechenland. Ihre stratigraphische AbfolgeAslanis, Ioannis
2010Das Weiterleben von Byzanz nach dem Fall von Konstantinopel (1453)Apostolopoulos, Dimitris
2001The databases on the quantities recorded in Linear B tablets: appendixDialismas, Alkis
2018Data for Athens: A city data strategyPapadopoulos, Antonis
2018Data for policy makingBruines, Saskia
2014Data from: Stefanou DT, Bamias A, Episkopou H, Kyrtopoulos SA, Likka M, Kalampokas T, Photiou S, Gavalas N, Sfikakis PP, Dimopoulos MA, Souliotis VL (2014). Aberrant DNA damage response pathways may predict the outcome of platinum chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. PLos ONEStefanou, DT; Bamias, A; Episkopou, H; Kyrtopoulos, SA; Likka, M; Kalampokas, T; Photiou, S; Gavalas, N; Sfikakis, PP; Dimopoulos, MA; Souliotis, VL
2012The Data Model of the OpenAIRE Scientific Communication e-InfrastructureManghi, Paolo; Houssos, Nikos; Mikulicic, Marko; Jörg, Brigitte
2015Data Reuse from Government & Research: Observations from experienceAshley, Kevin
1994Dc-Field Tunneling of Polyelectronic Atoms and of Negative-Ions - Computations Based on Models and on Ab-Initio TheoryThemelis, S. I.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
1983Decay Modes and Lifetimes of Doubly Excited-States in HeKomninos, Yannis; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2009Decoration of Carbon Nanohorns with Palladium and Platinum NanoparticlesKarousis, Nikolaos; Ichihashi, Toshinari; Yudasaka, Masako; Lijima, Sumio; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2016Defective DNA repair and chromatin organization in patients with quiescent systemic lupus erythematosusSouliotis, Vassilis L.; Vougas, Konstantinos; Gorgoulis, Vassilis G.; Sfikakis, Petros P.
2002Degrees of validity of models for the description of doubly excited states of H- and HeNicolaides, Cleanthes A.; Themelis, S. I.; Komninos, Yannis
2010Delay in PhotoemissionSchultze, M.; Fiess, M.; Karpowicz, N.; Gagnon, J.; Korbman, M.; Hofstetter, M.; Neppl, S.; Cavalieri, A. L.; Komninos, Y.; Mercouris, Th.; Nicolaides, C. A.; Pazourek, R.; Nagele, S.; Feist, J.; Burgdoerfer, J.; Azzeer, A. M.; Ernstorfer, R.; Kienberger, R.; Kleineberg, U.; Goulielmakis, E.; Krausz, F.; Yakovlev, V. S.
2010Delineation and interpretation of gene networks towards their effect in cellular physiology-A reverse engineering approach for the identification of critical molecular players, through the use of ontologiesMoutselos, K.; Maglogiannis, I.; Chatziioannou, A.
2010Delivering public sector information policy from local to globalCorbin, Chris
2008Delving into the complex picture of Ti(IV)-citrate speciation in aqueous media: Synthetic, structural, and electrochemical considerations in mononuclear Ti(IV) complexes containing variably deprotonated citrate ligandsPanagiotidis, Panagiotis; Kefalas, Evangelos T.; Raptopoulou, Catherine P.; Terzis, Aris; Mavromoustakos, Thomas; Salifoglou, Athanasios
2011+ Demand - Budget = CreativityRiazza, María Isabel
2017Democracy Demagoguery and Plato: [Φθινοπωρινές Διαλέξεις στις Κλασσικές Σπουδές]Hobbs, Angie
Showing results 850 to 869 of 8398


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