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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
1996The F-2(o) Rydberg series and low-lying autoionizing states of AlKomninos, Yannis; Aspromallis, G.; Nicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2013Fab Lab Athens: Η μελλοντική πορεία: Κοινά ψηφιακού σχεδιασμού και ανοικτή παραγωγήΠαπαλεξόπουλος, Δημήτρης
2014Fab labs: Innovation in crisis economiesMarkopoulou, Areti
2004Fabrication of magnetic SmFe films by pulsed laser deposition at 157 nmSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kobe, S.; Roman, K. Z.; Kollia, Zoe; Drazic, G.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
2007A facelift for the general transcription factor TFIIAHoiby, T.; Zhou, H. Q.; Mitsiou, Dimitra J.; Stunnenberg, H. G.
2005A facile organolithium route to ferrocene-based triarylmethyl dyes with substantial near IR and NLO propertiesArbez-Gindre, C.; Steele, Barry R.; Heropoulos, George A.; Screttas, C. G.; Communal, J. E.; Blau, W. J.; Ledoux-Rak, I.
2013Facilitate open science training for european research: FOSTERRodrigues, Eloy
1979The failure of the German - Byzantine alliance on the eve of the first CrusadeΛουγγής, Τηλέμαχος
1989Far Infrared and Raman Studies of Sodium-Ion Conducting GlassesChryssikos, Georgios D.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Karakassides, M. A.
1996Far-infrared spectra of alkali germanate glasses and correlation with electrical conductivityKamitsos, E. I.; Yiannopoulos, Y. D.; Jain, H.; Huang, W. C.
1988Far-Infrared Spectra of Binary Alkali Borate GlassesKamitsos, E. I.; Karakassides, M. A.; Chryssikos, Georgios D.
1986Far-Infrared Spectra of Magnesium Sodium-Borate GlassesKamitsos, E. I.; Karakassides, M. A.; Chryssikos, Georgios D.
1989Far-Infrared Φασματοσκοπική μελέτη των αλληλεπιδράσεων κατιόντων-πλέγματος σε υπεριοντικά βορικά γυαλιάΚαμίτσος, Ευστράτιος Ι.; Χρυσικός, Γεώργιος Δ.
1999Fast ion conducting glassesVarsamis, Cristos-Platon E.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Chryssikos, Georgios D.
2009Fatty Acids, Sterols, Phenols and Antioxidant Activity of Phoenix theophrasti Fruits Growing in Crete, GreeceLiolios, C. C.; Sotiroudis, G. T.; Chinou, I.
2013Femtosecond laser: Παλμικά laser με διάρκεια λίγων δισεκατομμυριοστών του εκατομμυριοστού του δευτερολέπτου και η χρησιμότητά τους στην ιατρική και την τεχνολογίαΚάνδυλα, Μαρία
1986Fernand BraudelRomano, Ruggiero
2010Fêtes chrétiennes orthodoxes dans les lieux des sanctuaires anciens. Témoignages des voyageurs européens et pèlerinages actuels (XVIIe-XXIe siècle)Vingopoulou, Ioli
2000Fibroblast cultures from healthy centenarians have an active proteasomeChondrogianni, N.; Petropoulos, I.; Franceschi, C.; Friguet, B.; Gonos, Efstathios S.
2008Ficus sycomorus sap: a psoralene source with potential for the treatment of psoriasisMavromoustakos, T.; Petrou, C.; Kokkalou, E.; Roussis, V; Christofi, V; Efthimiou, G.; Potamitis, C.; Durdagi, S.; Mavromoustakos, S.
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