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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2011Macedonia and MacedoniansHatzopoulos, Miltiades B
1993Macedonia: from Philip II to the Roman conquest-
2015Macedonian cities under the kings. Between standardization and local peculiarities: The case of AmphipolisMari, Manuela
1994Macedonian Edessa: prosopography and onomasticonΤατάκη, Αργυρώ
1996Macedonian institutions under the kingsΧατζόπουλος, Μιλτιάδης Β.
2001Macedonian Palaces: Where King and City MeetHatzopoulos, Miltiades B
1998Macedonians abroad: a contribution to the prosopography of ancient MacedoniaΤατάκη, Αργυρώ
2011Macedonians and other GreeksHatzopoulos, Miltiades B
2011Macedonian studiesHatzopoulos, Miltiades B
2008Magistrati municipali e svolgimento delle carriere nelle colonie romane della provincia d’AcaiaRizakis, Athanase D.; Camia, Francesco
1998Magnetic and electrochemical investigations on anions derived from oligoketones containing fluorenone and benzophenone units. An approach to the design of stable multiradical organic materialsBehrendt, A.; Screttas, C. G.; Bethell, D.; Schiemann, O.; Steele, Barry R.
2003Magnetic and optical properties of single 4f(n) and mixed 4f(n)-(1)5d electronic configurations of trivalent rare earth ions in wide band gap dielectric crystalsSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kobe, S.; Kollia, Zoe; Podmiljsak, B.; McGuiness, P. J.; Drazic, G.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
2001Magnetic-field-dependent interplay between incoherent and Fermi liquid transport mechanisms in low-dimensional tau-phase organic conductorsStorr, K.; Balicas, L.; Brooks, J.S.; Graf, D.; Papavassiliou, George C.
2002Magnetic field-induced density wave transition in a tau-phase organic conductorGraf, D.; Balicas, L.; Brooks, J. S.; Mielke, C.; Papavassiliou, George C.
2005Magnetic field induced orientation in diblock copolymers with one crystallizable blockGrigorova, T.; Pispas, Stergios; Hadjichristidis, N.; Thurn-Albrecht, T.
2010Magnetic Field Trapping in Coherent Antisymmetric States of Liquid Water Molecular RotorsCefalas, A. C.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Riziotis, C.; Drazic, G.; Kobe, S.; Strazisar, J.; Meden, A.
2006Magnetic ground state of quasi-two-dimensional organic conductor, τ-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)2(AuCl2)1+yNakanishi, T.; Yasuzuka, S.; Yoshino, H.; Fujiwara, H.; Sugimoto, T.; Nishio, Y.; Kajita, K.; Anyfantis, G. A.; Papavassiliou, George C.; Murata, K.
2015Magnetic methods for detecting the distribution of stress tensor type II in magnetic steels and their weldsHristoforou, ‬‪Evangelos
2003Magnetic moment of the 4f(8) and 4f(7)5d electronic configurations of Tb3+ ions in wide bandgap fluoride dielectric crystalsSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kobe, S.; Kollia, Zoe; McGuiness, P. J.; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
1999Magnetic nature of τ-(EDO-S,S-DMEDT-TTF)2(AuBr2)1(AuBr2)y, (y~0.75)Yoshino, H.; Murata, K.; Sasaki, T.; Iimura, K.; Oda, A.; Papavassiliou, George C.
Showing results 2462 to 2481 of 8398


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