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DateTitleAuthor(s)Full text
2009N-2(C-3 Pi(u)) -> N-2(B-3 Pi(g))+hv fluorescence increase due to collisional intermolecular energy transfer induced by discharged O-2 in active nitrogen and oxygen mixturesKamaratos, Efstathios
2012N-(4-Substituted-benzoyl)-N '-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl)ureas as inhibitors of glycogen phosphorylase: Synthesis and evaluation by kinetic, crystallographic, and molecular modelling methodsVeronika Nagy; Nora Felfoeldi; Balint Konya; Praly, Jean-Pierre; Tibor Docsa; Pal Gergely; Chrysina, Evangelia D.; Tiraidis, Costas; Kosmopoulou, Magda N.; Alexacou, Kyra-Melinda; Konstantakaki, Maria; Leonidas, Demetres D.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Kozmon, Stanislav; Tvaroska, Igor; Laszlo Somsak
1996N7-methylguanine and O-6-methylguanine levels in DNA of white blood cells from cancer patients treated with dacarbazinevanDelft, J. H. M.; LuitenSchuite, A.; Souliotis, Vassilis L.; Kyrtopoulos, S. A.; Ouwerkerk, J.; Keizer, H. J.; Baan, R. A.
1995N-Acetyl-Beta-D-Glucopyranosylamine - a Potent T-State Inhibitor of Glycogen-Phosphorylase - a Comparison with Alpha-D-GlucoseOikonomakos, Nikos G.; Kontou, M.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Watson, K. A.; Johnson, L. N.; Bichard, C. J. F.; Fleet, G. W. J.; Acharya, K. R.
2009Nanocomposite hybrid photonic media for remote point sensorsMeristoudi, A.; Athanasekos, L.; Vasileiadis, M.; Pispas, S.; Mousdis, G.; Karoutsos, E.; Alexandropoulos, D.; Du, H.; Tsigara, A.; Kibasi, K.; Perrone, A.; Vainos, N. A.
2012Nanocrystalline/microcrystalline materials based on lead-halide unitsPapavassiliou, George C.; Pagona, Georgia; Karousis, Nikos; Mousdis, George A.; Koutselas, Ioannis; Vassilakopoulou, Anastasia
2005Nanocrystalline Sm-Fe composites fabricated by pulse laser deposition at 157 nmKobe, S.; Zuzek, K.; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Samardzija, Z.; Kollia, Zoe; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos
2008Nanocrystallization of CaCO(3) at solid/liquid interfaces in magnetic field: A quantum approachCefalas, A. C.; Kobe, S.; Drazic, G.; Sarantopoulou, E.; Kollia, Z.; Strazisar, J.; Meden, A.
2004Nanometric size control and treatment of historic paper manuscript and prints with laser light at 157 nmKollia, Zoe; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Kobe, S.; Samardzija, Z.
2007Nano-modification of surface morphology of Teflon AF with VUV laser lightSarantopoulou, Evangelia
2009Nanoscale processes during the interaction of aluminosilicate and carbonate mineral surfaces with acid mine drainage (AMD)Kollias, K.; Godelitsas, A.; Astilleros, J. M.; Ladas, S.; Kennou, S.; Potamitis, C.; Zervou, M.; Lagoyiannis, A.; Harissopulos, S.; Mavromoustakos, Th.
2007Nano-scale spatial control over surface morphology of biocompatible fluoropolymers at 157 nmSarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kollia, Zoe; Cefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Douvas, A. M.; Chatzichristidi, M.; Argitis, P.; Kobe, S.
2003Nanostructured imaging of biological specimens in vivo with laser plasma X-ray contact microscopyCefalas, Alciviadis Constantinos; Sarantopoulou, Evangelia; Kollia, Zoe; Argitis, P.; Tegou, E.; Ford, T. W.; Stead, A. D.; Danson, C. N.; Neely, D.; Kobe, S.
2005Nanostructured ZnO coatings grown by pulsed laser deposition for optical gas sensing of butaneMazingue, T.; Escoubas, L.; Spalluto, L.; Flory, F.; Socol, G.; Ristoscu, C.; Axente, E.; Grigorescu, S.; Mihailescu, I. N.; Vainos, Nikolaos A.
2008NARCIS - More than a gateway to open access publications in the NetherlandsDijk, Elly
2009NARCIS: New services to facilitate researchersVan Meel, Marga
1982Narsetis MemoriaΛουγγής, Τηλέμαχος
2008National Academy of Sciences of UkraineBelyaev, Alexander Eugene
2016National Center for Tumor Diseases – Key Facts & Latest Research ActivitiesGlimm, Hanno
2009The National Documentation Centre (EKT): A key role to the information flow to Greek communitySarantopoulou, Ioanna; Paschou, Maria
Showing results 2714 to 2733 of 8398


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