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2011Microemulsions based on virgin olive oil: A model biomimetic system for studying native oxidative enzymatic activitiesPapadimitriou, V.; Tzika, E. D.; Pispas, S.; Sotiroudis, T. G.; Xenakis, A.
2011SHG and orientation phenomena in chromophore DR1-containing polymer filmsMoencke, D.; Mountrichas, G.; Pispas, S.; Kamitsos, E. I.; Rodriguez, V.
2011E-journal and Open Access Journal Publishing in the Humanities: Preliminary Results from a Survey among Byzantine Studies ScholarsVictoria Tsoukala; Evi Sachini
2011Thermo-optic effect of an index guiding photonic crystal fiber with elastomer inclusionsMarkos, C.; Vlachos, K.; Kakarantzas, G.
2011Le voyage de la monnaie chypriote archaïque et classique dans le temps et dans l’espaceMarkou, Evangeline
2011Unifying the Integration, Analysis and Interpretation of multi-omic datasets: Exploration of the disease networks of Obstructive Nephropathy in childrenMoulos, Panagiotis; Valavanis, Ioannis; Klein, Julie; Maglogiannis, Ilias; Schanstra, Joost; Chatziioannou, Aristotelis
2011Laser microstructuring of polymer optical fibres for enhanced and autonomous sensor architecturesAthanasekos, L.; Dimas, D.; Katsikas, S.; Pispas, S.; Vainos, N.; Boucouvalas, A. C.; Riziotis, C.
2011Introducing OpenAIRE: the FP7 Open Access PilotStathopoulos, Panagiotis
2011Implementation of workflows as Finite State Machines in a national doctoral dissertations archiveHoussos, Nikos; Zavaliadis, Dimitris; Stamatis, Kostas; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis
2011State- and Property-Specific Quantum ChemistryNicolaides, Cleanthes A.
2010Επιτυχημένα παραδείγματα διαλειτουργικότητας σε ελληνικά αποθετήρια και σχετικά τεχνολογικά εργαλείαΧούσος, Νίκος; Σταμάτης, Κωνσταντίνος; Κουλούρης, Αλέξανδρος
2010On physical properties of undoped and Al and In doped zinc oxide films deposited on PET substrates by reactive pulsed laser depositionGirtan, M.; Kompitsas, M.; Mallet, R.; Fasaki, I.
2010Tracing the emerging open access landscape in Greece: Achievements, challenges, prospectsSachini, Evi; Tsoukala, Victoria; Houssos, Nikos; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis; Sarantopoulou, Joanna; Proedrou, Margaritis; Hardouveli, Despina
2010Technology trends, requirements and models for providing sustainable technological support for libraries in an evolving environmentStathopoulos, Panagiotis; Houssos, Nikos; Stavrou, George
2010Environmental monitoring by thin film nanocomposite sensors for cultural heritage preservationLiu, Baoying; Chen, Xiaojiang; Fang, Dingyi; Perrone, Alessio; Pispas, Stergios; Vainos, Nikos A.
2010A service-oriented national e-theses information system and repositorySachini, Evi; Houssos, Nikos; Stathopoulos, Panagiotis; Sarantopoulou, Joanna; Zavaliadis, Dimitris
2010Thermoelectric figure of merit of tau-type conductors of several donorsYoshino, H.; Aizawa, H.; Kuroki, K.; Anyfantis, G. C.; Papavassiliou, G. C.; Murata, K.
2010Historical Landslides in the prefecture of Ioannina- Collection and Analysis of DataKalantzi, F.; Doutsou, I.; Koukouvelas, I.
2010Erymildbraedin A and B, two novel cytotoxic dimethylpyrano-isoflavones from the stem bark of Erythrina mildbraedii: evaluation of their activity toward endocrine cancer cellsTchokouaha, Ruben F.; Alexi, Xanthippi; Chosson, Elizabeth; Besson, Thierry; Skaltsounis, Alexios-Leandros; Seguin, Elisabeth; Alexis, Michael N.; Wandji, Jean
2010Theory and State-Specific Methods for the Analysis and Computation of Field-Free and Field-Induced Unstable States in Atoms and MoleculesNicolaides, Cleanthes A.
Showing results 21 to 40 of 322


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