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2006Infra-red and Raman spectroscopic study on the thermal stability and high temperature transformation of hydroazafullerene C59HNTagmatarchis, Nikos; Pichler, T.; Krause, M.; Kuzmany, H.; Shmohara, H.
1979Effect of Sulfated Polysaccharides and Sulfate Anions on the Amp-Dependent Activity of Phosphorylase-BSotiroudis, Theodore G.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Evangelopoulos, A.E.
1980Effect of Polymyxins on Glycogen-PhosphorylaseKtenas, T. B.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Sotiroudis, Theodore G.; Nikolaropoulos, S. I.; Evangelopoulos, A.E.
2005Acyl ureas as human liver glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors for the treatment of type 2 diabetesKlabunde, T.; Wendt, K. U.; Kadereit, D.; Brachvogel, V.; Burger, H. J.; Herling, A. W.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Kosmopoulou, M. N.; Schmoll, D.; Sarubbi, E.; von Roedern, E.; Schonafinger, K.; Defossa, E.
2006Iminosugars as potential inhibitors of glycogenolysis: Structural insights into the molecular basis of glycogen phosphorylase inhibitionOikonomakos, Nikos G.; Tiraidis, C.; Leonidas, Demetres D.; Zographos, Spyros E.; Kristiansen, M.; Jessen, C. U.; Norskov-Lauritsen, L.; Agius, L.
2001Crystal structure of Fab198, an efficient protector of the acetylcholine receptor against myasthenogenic antibodiesPoulas, K.; Eliopoulos, E.; Vatzaki, E.; Navaza, J.; Kontou, M.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Acharya, K. R.; Tzartos, S. J.
1978Effect of Phenothiazines on Activity of Glycogen Phosphorylase-BKtenas, T. B.; Sotiroudis, Theodore G.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Evangelopoulos, A.E.
1988Uridine(5')Diphospho(1)-Alpha-D-Glucose - a Binding Study to Glycogen Phosphorylase-B in the CrystalOikonomakos, Nikos G.; Acharya, K. R.; Stuart, D. I.; Melpidou, A. E.; McLaughlin, P. J.; Johnson, L. N.
1973Experimental Evidence for a Hydrophobic Active Center of Glutamic-Aspartic Transaminase - Specific Interaction of Holoenzyme and Apoenzyme with 2 Fluorescein DerivativesDimitropoulos, C.G.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Karnikatsadima, L.A.; Kalogerakos, T.G.; Evangelopoulos, A.W.
1996Characterisation, crystallisation and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a Fab fragment of a rat monoclonal antibody with very high affinity for the human muscle acetylcholine receptorKontou, M.; Vatzaki, E. H.; Kokla, A.; Acharya, K. R.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Tzartos, S. J.

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