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2007Photoinduced electron-transfer processes of carbon nanohorns with covalently linked pyrene chromophores: charge-separation and electron-migration systemsSandanayaka, A. S. D.; Pagona, G.; Fan, J.; Tagmatarchis, Nikos; Yudasaka, M.; Iijima, S.; Araki, Y.; Ito, O.
2006Ιστορία των εννοιών: διαδρομές της ευρωπαϊκής ιστοριογραφίας-
1989X-ray diffraction studies on enzyme catalysis and allosteric control of glycogen phosphorylase bOikonomakos, Nikos G.; Acharya, K. R.; Johnson, L. N.; Papageorgiou, A. C.; Leonidas, Demetres D.
2006Carbon nanotubes: Materials for medicinal chemistry and biotechnological applicationsPagona, G.; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2005Single-walled carbon nanotube-based hybrid materials for managing charge transfer processesFelekis, T. A.; Tagmatarchis, Nikos
2002Ενθύμιον σαπωνοποιϊας ΛέσβουΚουτσουρίδης, Γιάννης; Σηφουνάκης, Νίκος; Σιφναίου, Ευριδίκη
1993Design of potential drugs through protein crystallographyPapageorgiou, A. C.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Leonidas, Demetres D.
1982Interaction of Aliphatic-Amines with Glycogen-PhosphorylaseKtenas, T. B.; Oikonomakos, Nikos G.; Sotiroudis, Theodore G.; Nikolaropoulos, S.; Evangelopoulos, A.E.
7-Jun-2012Advances in Technology and CRISHoussos, Nikos
-Αντιγόνη Σοφοκλέους, Ταμπουράς και κόπανος, ΜπρουσόςΠάλλης, Αλέξανδρος

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