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15-Jan-2015The Recode ProjectWadhwa, Kush
15-Jan-2015Open Access to Research Data as a Driver for Open Science: Welcome and IntroductionsSachini, Evi; Gregoriou, Vasilis
15-Jan-2015The Recode RecommendationsTsoukala, Victoria
15-Jan-2015Life Watch GreeceArvanitidis, Christos
16-Jan-2015The grandest ChallengesBoulton, Geoffrey
16-Jan-2015Session IV: PSI as research data and vice versa: the open access challengeArcher, Phil; Ashley, Kevin; Finn, Rachel; Routzouni, Nancy
16-Jan-2015Data Reuse from Government & Research: Observations from experienceAshley, Kevin
15-Jan-2015Good Practice in enabling the re-use of Research Data: The University of OxfordWilson, James
15-Jan-2015Good practices in enabling the re-use of research: European Life Sciences Infrastructure for Biological InformationSmith, Andy
15-Jan-2015Policies for open access to research data: International and scientific community dimensionHodson, Simon

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